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B2B Trending Conversations: Lead Gen, Blogging, and the Evolution of Digital Marketing

Welcome back to B2B Trending Conversations, our weekly roundup of what’s trending on Twitter, LinkedIn and other leading social platforms in the B2B space. Whether you’re interested in improving your company’s lead generation, increasing your B2B blog traffic or finishing the sales year like a champ, you’ll find links to timely articles and posts to help inform your decisions. This week we’ll also take a look at the evolution of digital marketing and the many benefits of social media to B2B businesses. Let’s get started!


B2B Lead Generation

This week, Overdrive Interactive shares five tips on how your B2B company can improve lead generation. Targeting buyer interest with the right information and offers at the right time on the right marketing channel still confounds many a B2B exec who forgets her company’s website should above all inform and convert users friction-free. You’re well on your way to generating more, better leads if:

  • You’ve got deep, authoritative content for all parts of your sales cycle.
  • Your sales and marketing lead generation expectations are closely aligned.
  • You’re helping users make the right decisions about which content to consume, and when.
  • You’ve got a strong call to action.
  • You use marketing automation software to help track and analyze prospects’ online behavior.


B2B Blogging


Chances are your B2B business publishes a blog to attract more business and raise brand awareness. The best B2B professionals list blogs as an invaluable component of their content marketing strategies. But how can you attract even more visitors to your blog? Startup enthusiast @ThisIzSparta offers six ways you can increase your B2B blog traffic, including giving shout-outs to other bloggers, syndicating for success, acknowledging your readers and solving customers’ problems.

“It may take a little experimentation and some time, so be patient and willing to make changes in your blog until you start to see some uplift in the numbers,” writes Raza. “Then, keep going with other types of changes to your B2B blog like video entries, infographics, research information and more. It’s about keeping it relevant and different than the rest of the crowd.”


B2B Sales

B2B sales stars are racing to the finish line as the year comes to a close. This is no time to let off the pace — true sales champs go long and finish strong. Writing on LinkedIn Sales Blog, David Mattson coaches B2B professionals on how to close the year triumphantly by following these four action steps:

  • Identify situations in which you can quickly build relationships with buyers.
  • Focus on buyers you know are working with your competitors.
  • Use LinkedIn to hone in on prospects and jump-start your sales cycle.
  • Implement a daily behavior plan for success.


B2B Marketing

How far along are you on the B2B marketing maturity curve? Tana Gupta, principal strategist for digital solutions at edynamic traces the evolution of technology and customer behavior in this LinkedIn article that asks if you’ve evolved along with these changes. From the early days of digital marketing in the 1990s through today’s account-based marketing, “the digital market is in a constant state of flux,” writes Gupta. “A digital marketing professional has to keep up with this change. After all, you can’t afford to be left behind!


Infographic — B2B Social Media

If you’re a B2B professional, you already know how important social media is to your business’ success. SEO specialist @nvkvamshi shares this infographic breaking down the many benefits to B2B enterprises, chief among them increased exposure, more traffic and the development of loyal fans — and potential customers. Fully 90 percent of surveyed B2B businesses said they respond to customer queries via social media, and more than half of all B2B marketers use social platforms to generate leads. Furthermore, 72 percent of those who follow a brand on Twitter say they are likely to make a future purchase from that brand.


That’s all for this week. We’ll be back again next week with all the B2B news that’s fit to print. If you missed last week’s column, you can check it out here. As always, we welcome you to contact us at @B2BNewsNetwork with share-worthy B2B news and even article pitches. We love hearing from you!


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