Friday, July 19, 2024

App of the Month: FAX.PLUS

The fax isn’t dead, it’s changing.

Communicating by fax is still necessary to many people and businesses in most of the world but it is also changing, switching to fax via mobile. There is expected to be a surge in mobile faxing use, as more people are working from home.

Smartphones have become such a part of people’s everyday lives (nowadays used more often than PCs to surf on the web) and mobile apps have become so practical that the Alohi developed their FAX.PLUS solution on Android and iOS software right from the start.

FAX.PLUS, a cloud based faxing service for individuals, professionals and companies, discovered that most of its users send / receive faxes directly on their mobile telephone rather than using the website platform.



  • Cloud Based Faxing
    • Send and receive faxes without needing a fax machine, phone line, software or hardware.
  • Local Numbers in 28 Countries
  • Always On
    • Like a physical fax machine, fax numbers will be on 24/7 waiting to receive faxes.
  • Optimize Documents for Fax Transmission
    • With this feature, documents go through image processing servers and get optimized for fax transmission, resulting in a much better quality fax and reduced transmission time.
  • Send Fax to Human Operated Telefax Machines
    • By enabling this feature, the person on the receiving end gets a prerecorded message stating: “This is fax call, to receive, please press start.”
  • Choose Your File Format
  • Fax Archiving
  • Fax Header Settings
  • Mass Faxing
  • Cost Saving
    • All faxes are sent via Alohi’s cloud infrastructure and are completely free of fax machines, paper, software and hardware.
  • Reporting System
    • Status of faxes sent and received are all available in the archive folder.
  • Extension Dialing
  • Retry for Failed Faxes
  • Scheduled Faxing
    • Faxes can be scheduled to be sent at a defined time and date.
  • Corporate Customers
    • The corporate account enables you to have a centralized management and archiving system for multiple fax numbers.
  • Phonebook
    • Integrated with your smartphone contacts, so to send a fax just “Compose” and type in the contact’s name or the group name.
  • Cloud Signature
    • Upload any document, or choose a fax from an archived folder, edit (sign, fill in blanks, …), and save or fax without the need for any application installation. The supported formats are DOC, PDF, TIF and JPG.




The document scanner – made possible with the use of the smartphone camera – and the ability to sign faxes from the app are among the most used features, which makes them “key” to success, particularly in the United States where most of the FAX.PLUS users are located.

71 % of the faxes sent by Americans were actually sent through a mobile device.



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