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5 Key Components of an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Last updated on August 2nd, 2022 at 11:12 pm

In a concerted effort to stay away from producing something you have read 100 times online, this article features underlying components of a content marketing strategy. Instead of telling you to post on social media at certain times, or telling you to produce useful content, this article suggests a system for useful content creation and the exploitation of your reader’s desire for praise/recognition. Don’t disregard the tips you have read in other articles, but instead, weave what they teach you into the framework you set up.

A valid case in point lies with SEO. Creating solid SEO content will bring more visitors to your site while incorporating other tips and practices will pique user interest in what you have to offer. To that end, seek SEO Pricing Plans and engage with the field experts in marketing. They can bring greater knowledge to the SEO game and extract results at a higher rate.

1 – A System Set Up For Repeatable Creation Of Useful Content

Are you guilty of setting up powerful content marketing campaigns, and then sitting back to see the results? The Internet and social media are so dynamic that the flavor of the month is soon a forgotten ghost in the mind of its biggest supporters. In fact, the most popular viral images that have shown any sort of ability to last revolve around the characters and not the jokes, such as: Kermit the frog, unlucky kid, suited baby, obsessed girl, grumpy cat and that quizzical looking African child. Unless you have the resources required to create an ongoing content marketing campaign, then your success will always be fleeting.

content marketing strategy

[o] You can use the fact that the word “Useful” is very flexible.

Can you honestly say that the most popular YouTube videos have a “Use?” What your target audience finds useful may sit on the very edge of the definition, and that is good news for you. Each piece of content you create or market doesn’t have to be educational, funny or informative.

2 – The Ability To Grow Your Product Is Also A Key Component

Do not become so obsessed with your content marketing campaign that you neglect the most essential part of any marketing campaign–its product. In the movie “Scent of a Woman,” the Ferrari salesman makes it clear that they (the staff) don’t need to sell Ferraris because they sell themselves. Evolve your content marketing strategy in tandem with the evolution of your core product.

content marketing strategy

[o] Can you sell your product before it is created?

Since you are probably selling/promoting digital content, you have a distinct advantage. You can literally ask people what they want before you create it. The popular YouTube channel “Honest Trailers” asks commenters what movie they would like reviewing next, and the most popular suggestions are acted upon.

3 – The Ability To Reward Other People For The Proliferation Of Your Message Or Content

Suggesting this key component of an effective content marketing strategy is a little unfair because it is so difficult that it is almost impossible. If it were easy to reward social sharers and website links, then everybody would be doing it–but it is possible. Ask yourself why people share links to funny content? Why people share and re-share images on social media, and what people get from sharing or linking to content.

[o] Have you ever received praise for sharing from other people?

Sharing funny images and content often prompts the recipient to “LOL” or reply positively, but there are other examples. For example, the game “Dungeon Keeper 2” was resurrected by GOG.com, but it had flaws. An ex-programmer from FindOutFree.co.uk created a fix that anybody (programmer or not) can apply. The solution was spread across forums and other websites not by the original fixer, but by the people who were appreciative of the fix and wanted to share it with other people to help them. Sometimes, an act of kindness may reap untold content-sharing rewards.

4 – Allow Your Target Audience To Seek You Out

Targeting is very important, but no doubt you already know all about finding people in different demographics and you know all about pandering to their needs, but remember that some of the most “effective” content marketing campaigns have their target audience seek them out.

[o] Can you learn from essay writing companies?

Essay writing companies have to overcome content marketing issues such as the rumor that their websites are banned from Google (they are not, they are not even penalized). Paper writing services have to fight negative comments on social media and rejection from narrow minded affiliate programs, so how are essay writing services more popular than ever? They have learned to have struggling students come to them. Essay writing services target the questions that struggling students ask online. They do not target “writing services” keywords, they target keywords such as “quick ways to complete essays” or “help with deadline” or “how to write essays.” They post answers on forums, on comment sections and on social media. Students find them, they don’t find students.

5 – A Fearless Desire For Testing And Experimentation

The creator of Zero Punctuation, a popular Escapist Magazine contributor, said he kept reviewing games on YouTube without anybody noticing. He said his path to success came exclusively from trying out new things and changing his reviewing videos until he was picked up by the Escapist magazine. He repeatedly tested and experimented with his videos until he generated the very unique style that he uses today.

[o] Repeated and unashamed testing is a powerful ally

During the Trump election process the mainstream media was heavily against him. Some popular-but-moderate bloggers started to support Trump simply because the mainstream media wouldn’t, and they received unprecedented amounts of traffic. They took a risk, they ran a few tests, and it paid off for them.

Each Component May Be Used Independently

One of the magical things about the key components listed in this article is that they may all help create a successful content marketing strategy on their own. The first element was used by PewDiePie to become the most successful YouTuber in history. The second element is used by the Smartphone industry to the point where Smartphones have evolved faster than any other technology in human history. All the elements listed in this article will work on their own, but imagine the power if you were somehow able to mix more than one within your content marketing strategy!


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