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Adopting a Marketing Mindset for the Modern Digital World

If you’re in Marketing, chances are you’ve probably seen one of Tom Fishburne’s cheeky cartoons, so it was fantastic to hear his thoughts at MarTech in San Francisco.

With his own brand of personal humour, Fishburne outlined the 5 steps to adopting a marketing mindset for the modern digital world.

We’re at an awkward stage in digital. Some people haven’t figured that out yet.

marketing mindset digital world

It’s taking some companies longer to figure out what to do with all of the possibilities, like a QR code in an area that doesn’t have internet, that takes you to a website that isn’t optimized for mobile.


  1. Don Draper is no longer in charge.

There was a time, not that long ago, when there was a captive audience. Unfortunately some of that old mindset has moved into the modern world. The marketing cycle was just that, a nice easy cycle.

marketing mindset digital world

Our audience has so many devices, which means there’s a marked increase in opportunity to engage with them.

marketing mindset digital world

(you get the picture, even if this photo is a tad blurry)


  1. Technology can’t save a boring idea.

marketing mindset digital world


  1. The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.

Don’t forget to put yourself on the receiving end of your marketing efforts. We can sometimes forget how our own marketing makes people feel.

marketing mindset digital world


  1. Don’t be a one-hit wonder.

It is far better to develop a relationship over time, instead of quick flash-in-the-pan campaigns.

marketing mindset digital world


  1. Make your customers awesome.

Betabrand does something a little different in the digital world. They make their customers the focus of their ads.

marketing mindset digital world
Source: Betabrand

Order these shiny disco pants, wear them, and take photos doing fun things. Though this company is B2C, the message here for B2B is not to tell your audience you are customer-centric. Prove it.


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