Avoiding the Horrors of Modern Day Marketing

horrors of modern marketing
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Marketers, are you always “on”?

Joe Staples, CMO at Workfront, and Jennifer Johnson, Senior Marketing Program Manager, Informatica, talked about this problem at MarTech in San Francisco. The fast pace of work is prevalent, which creates some “Horrors of Modern Day Marketing” fit for the big screen.


Attack of the Mutating Workload

horrors of modern marketing

We’re constantly on social media, checking emails, working late hours, and still feeling like we’re getting behind because of the speed at which Marketing is constantly changing.


I Was Stretched Too Thin

horrors of modern marketing

As an example, how many times do you hear, “oh, just put something on the web?” The instruction may come without thought to the questions this will raise in your mind:

  • Is the content gated, or non-gated?
  • Is there a time?
  • What route will the audience take to get there?
  • Are we running banners?
  • What’s the target?
  • What’s the messaging, and content?
  • Are there images?

All of these may come from different sources, and managing those sources (or people) becomes difficult if they skirt the process.


Death by Deadline

horrors of modern marketing

Deadlines can often drive unrealistic overtime. If you have a lot of stakeholders who need to provide approvals, this can slow down the process, and is multiplied b the number of file types in any given project. If you make it easy, it’ll get done faster, and on deadline.


My Job Won’t Stop Changing

horrors of modern marketing

It seems every week, if not day, there are external forces changing the marketer’s role:

  • New technology
  • New Channels
  • New team members to train
  • New thinking, like Agile Marketing or Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

How do you adapt?


The Curse of the Undervalued Department

horrors of modern marketing

Is there anyone in Marketing that hasn’t faced this before?

Everyone thinks they’re a marketer, so it’s no wonder that 47% of marketers say their biggest challenge is gaining the respect of internal clients.


Have a centralized plan, set reasonable deadlines on your deliverables, collaborate and execute. Find the tool(s) that will help you.


The full presentation is available here. If you’d like the Horrors of Modern Day Marketing posters, or talk to someone about taming any of these problems, email info@workfront.com.

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