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Smartphone Apps to Help You Manage Routine Activities

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You’ve been running your own B2B company for a while now and you’ve done very well for yourself. You started out small, but now you’ve begun to expand. As your business grows, you notice that there’s an increasing number of details for you to deal with. Some of them on the surface seem miniscule, but ignoring them could throw a wrench in your entire operation. For example, the timely finding of a lost phone in your home with the help of the callmyphone will help you to avoid hours of frustration, missing important correspondence or a phone call.

Keeping track of these details and tasks that help keep your business afloat and your customers satisfied is a chore on its own, and it’s easy to overlook any one of them. Fortunately, certain geniuses out there have gone through the trouble of developing apps to help you run your business with more ease and efficiency. Let’s have a look at some of these apps that can help you effectively manage aspects of your business from the comfort of your mobile device.

manage routine activities

  1. QuickBooks: This accounting software can help you better run your business by providing a complete overview of your company’s financial status. Tracking sales and expenses of your business aren’t a problem with this app. And neither are viewing financial statements, paying employees and vendors, and tracking unpaid invoices. It accomplishes all of this and more by safely syncing with your business’ bank account, credit cards, and even your PayPal or Square account.
  2. Gusto: Formerly named ZenPayroll, this app is capable of streamlining the processing of taxes, benefits, and payroll of your company. It is also capable of notifying the government of any new hires you take in thus facilitating the filing of state, local, and federal taxes.
  3. Slack: This app provides you an instant messaging platform that is useful for organizing conversations with your team into private or public channels. It can also be used to send direct messages to employees, clients or other parties. Using the app’s interface, you can also easily drag-drop-share PDFs, images, and other document formats. Most interesting thing about this app is there’s no limit concerning the number of users that can be added by your business.
  4. Trello: This user friendly project management app monitors and tracks the work progress of your team or employees. A card created on the Trello board stands for a task or assignment. Details concerning a task such as it members, checklists, due dates and labels can be added from Dropbox, Google Drive, or your device to further describe a task stated on a card. If a change is made to the details on a card, Trello will notify all those affected via email so everyone stays on the same page. The business version of Trello comes with features that let you integrate with apps like Slack and Evernote, but it costs extra.
  5. Skype: You probably already know how much of a trailblazing and effective app Skype is, but just in case you don’t – Skype can be used for sending and receiving instant messages, files, images, and other media forms. But where Skype really shines is in its video conferencing. On a computer, you can split the screen to seamlessly communicate face to face with a group of 25 people.
  6. 1Password: This lets you safely store all your passwords for various services. It also comes with a password generator in case you feel like changing passwords.
  7. RescueTime: If you are looking to better manage your time, this app might be able to rescue you. It can automatically track how much time you have expended on websites and applications. After tracking, the app will present you a detailed report of your activity, and let you know if you’ve spent your day productively or not. With the paid version, you can actually block sites that are distracting you from being productive.

manage routine activities

  1. TripIt: This app organises all your travel plans in one place that can be accessed at any time. No matter where you bought your travel tickets or what airline you are using, TripIt will stay on top of it. By simply having all your travel emails forwarded to TripIt, you give the app the power to make sure you have a hassle free trip. The app also provides updated information concerning weather, delays and new departure times. It can also provide you directions to the airport.
  2. Expensify: When on a business trip that has been facilitated by TripIt, you can use the Expensify app to accurately monitor your expenses. This is accomplished by linking your debit or credit card to your Expensify account. Once that’s done, the app will list out all your spending in an expense report.
  3. PayPal: With this app, you can conveniently link your bank accounts as well as your debit/credit card to your PayPal account. This facilitates your receiving payments and making payments. Not to be outdone by Square, PayPal in a recent move provided an app that will allow you as a business owner attach a card reader from PayPal to a mobile device of your choice and turn it into a portable register.
  4. Proven: This app is basically a pocket-sized Human Resources service and more than a thousand businesses use it. If you need to hire someone qualified for an important position quickly, Proven can help. The app allows you post job listings on several job boards with a single click on your mobile device and then select your favourite candidates.
  5. Pingdom: If your B2B business is online based, then you definitely need an app like Pingdom. Pingdom helps you monitor the status of your website from anywhere in the world and make sure it stays online and functioning at an optimal performance. Brendan Wilde, Marketing Manager at Umbrellar Cloud states that, “…even when hosted by a reliable web hosting service, every online business owner needs to keep a perpetual eye on their website to make sure all is well and stays well…”

With Pingdom, you can follow Brendan’s advice from the comfort of your mobile device and receive real-time insights and notifications concerning the status of your website.

  1. Boxmeup: This free Android app lets you organize and track packages and containers via their QR labels. This lets you know the status of your incoming or outgoing shipments right from the comfort of your phone.



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