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How to Use Social Media For Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), also known as talent acquisition and management products (TAMP), allows the recruitment industry to automate the process of hiring. Not only does the technology provide lots of opportunities, but helps to really find the right and qualified candidate.

The recruitment software market is in expansion. The latest is the industry is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.27 percent for 2016-2020.

There are benefits to utilizing social media platforms, yet you need to optimize your employment experience by using the right industry keywords. Hiring processes are automated for most businesses and enterprises today. To improve your chances of success you will need to hone in on specific strategies that land your ideal job.

To get your resume in front of an actual human being you´ll need key terms relevant an advertised position. A blog post by Resume Yeti explains the intricacies of optimizing and enhancing your resume.

ATS systems are nowhere near the complexity of search engines. But the way to get actual pair of eyeballs to view your candidacy is relevant keywords. Think of it like search engine optimization (SEO) and extract the frequently appearing words from the position details (skills, responsibilities, experience). The more words the ATS matches your profile the greater the probability of getting called for a face-to-face interview.

In the subsequent sections, will discuss social media practices with resumes and how to beat the ATS.


Social media etiquette, and bypassing ATS

In the workplace, you want to exhibit professional and expert behavior at all time. Well, the same applies what you share on social media. It is after all a digital extension of your real identity. In other words, keep it clean, keep it fun, and inspire. If you are applying for a position independently of any industry recruiters will search for your profiles on social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).

The reason recruiting staff or managers look up candidates on social media is to find any red flags. This includes profanity, negative opinions about your job or employer, poor writing and grammar, abusive or adult content, etc. Keep in mind who you share information with, and tweak your privacy settings. You never know who you are connected to and the odds are pretty high.

But social media is a tool that comes in handy to network. You can connect with recruiters and agencies alike to get your presence noticed online. No matter what social network you are active on, share to connect and showcase from time to time expertise on a giving subject. It gives a favorable glimpse to those interviewing you for a potential position the consideration of how effective you brand yourself in these online platforms.


URLs on resumes and bypassing ATS

Should you include a social media hyperlink on your resume? The answer is yes. It is especially encouraged if you are applying to an internet-related job. Include your social media link to a LinkedIn profile. It is kind of a gloried resume and lots of customizations can be made to highlight a professional track record, and experience.

Facebook is another great option to include on your resume. Especially if you were an early adopter. However, if you use it for purely personal reasons the advice is to refrain from sharing it. Otherwise as a marketer, writer, freelancer, journalist, or any other professional include a Facebook page.

Taking your resume to the next level is recommended. An analysis by Business2Community explains “7 ways to Make Your Social Media Resume Look Awesome & Get Hired”. These are some of the most creative avenues to make your resume that much more marketable.

This next infographic confirms these tips to beat the ATS system:

applicant tracking system

As indicated from the visual graphic above these are the following instructions to follow:

  • Do not send a PDF
  • Skip graphics and tables
  • Longer resumes are good
  • Do not be creative
  • Never begin with a start date

The ATS system is unable to read PDFs, graphics and tables. Unless you have exchanged emails with a recruiting manager save time and include just your resume. One page resumes are advised for certain industries, but include many keywords to improve your score.

Include titled words like “Work Experience” because it will skip or ignore the details entirely it needs to scan. Above all include first the company name and towards the end the dates employed.

To recap social media is a universe of opportunities. It can be a double edge sword depending on its usage. Apply these recommendations and generate a buzz using these tips.


Takeaways and Conclusions

Technology has vastly revamped how the hiring process occurs nowadays. It has also broken geographic barriers where companies, businesses, or enterprises can attract talent from just about anywhere.

The arrival of ATS or TAMP has enabled organizations to better analyze and coordinate recruitment efforts. Nevertheless, there is a lot of data associated with each of the submissions of resumes from interested candidates. It is why prospective professionals should optimize their resume frequently.

Social media has brought with it unlimited opportunities to learn how to market and brand as an aspiring professional. If you keep social media friendly and courteous your chances of impressing recruiters are high.


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