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Cyber Security Month: Monitoring Your Social Media Risk

Last updated on October 24th, 2016 at 04:26 pm

October is Cyber Security Month, so conversations around network, email, and cloud security are trending. What about exposure through social media? Does your enterprise monitor digital risk?

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Typically, as individuals we see social media as personal networking tools, but your company uses social media for marketing purposes as well. Companies want brand exposure, conversations with potential customers, new followers and connections with industry influencers.  The digital risk is the same for everyone.  Do you know how to spot data leaks, brand impersonation, or threats to employees?

Forrester issued a report in September that includes the reasons companies face major digital risk:

  • Digital footprints are vast and chaotic
  • From malware to brand hijacking, digital risk comes in countless shapes and sizes
  • Companies are at the mercy of digital channels for control and enforcement
  • Generic online or social media monitoring provides a false sense of security

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Should you be worried about digital risk? “Hackers are targeting just about anyone these days, from the average Joe to Mark Zuckerburg, the inventor of the world’s most popular social network, who recently had a slew of his own social network accounts hijacked. If it can happen to Mark, the godfather of the social media revolution, it can happen to anyone.” (Hackers are Targeting You on Social Media)

ZeroFox says social media is the new “superhighway for cybercrimes, every modern organization is a potential victim for these types of threats. Cyber criminals are using social media, with astoundingly efficient data and software exploits.

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You can protect yourself, and you CAN build your brand safely with these tips from Brian Reed:

  1. Purge impersonators and “dirty” followers
  2. Keep Security in the loop around social initiatives and campaigns
  3. Train Marketing and Sales teams on social media best practices
  4. Form a social media team task force


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