Social Media (Image Size) Cheat Sheet 2017

social media image size cheat sheet
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Whether you’re a business owner or a professional, making sure that your images on social media appear properly is important to making a strong impression with your prospects and customers. But with so many social media channels and ongoing changes to their layout it can be difficult to keep up with all the different image dimension requirements.

This is especially frustrating if you’re advertising on websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. You have to make sure your image has the right dimensions if you want your ad to perform as well it possibly could. In addition to the image, you have to be aware of how much space you have to write your message. Running an ad that suddenly gets cuts off due to the character limit will hurt your campaign.

Online professionals like content creators and web designers also need to understand the dimensions and character limits on all the social media channels they’re involved in. As an online content creator, you need to make sure that the images appear proper and the content is formatted correctly. This is especially important since most people view social media posts on their smartphones which are known to make things worse. How your content is shown has a big impact on views and engagement numbers (shares, favorites, likes, comments).

Web designers, on the other hand, are always working with clients that use a wide variety of social media platforms for their businesses. They have to make sure that the work they create for their clients are optimized to the standards of the social media site. This can be difficult to keep track of as clients are typically on multiple platforms and the platforms they’re on differ from client to client.

An easy solution for businesses, content creators and professionals like web designers would be a simple cheat sheet that lays out all the image dimensions of the major social media sites. We looked for a complete cheat sheet for social media image sizes but found that the ones shared on the internet were outdated. That’s why we got our friends at Omnicore to design an updated version for us.

This social media cheat sheet covers all the various image dimensions and character limits you need to be aware of through a visual presentation that’s easy to understand. It covers all the major social media websites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube. Make sure to pass it forward if you find it useful.

social media image size cheat sheet

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