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Top B2B Copywriting Practices That Convert

Compared with ‘traditional’ copywriting strategies and campaigns, B2B copywriting is completely different. When communicating with other businesses, your audience is looking for completely different things and considering many different concepts than your typical cat-video-loving internet user.

But what are these differences and how can you adapt your writing style to match exactly what they’re looking for? Today, we’ll explore several of the key practices that can help you to maximise your opportunities.

Write Professionally

When writing to other businesses, it’s important to maintain a professional tone. This helps to build trust, credibility and the appearance of legitimacy in your business, something that other businesses will definitely be on the lookout for.

Master the Art of Headline Writing

You should spend a considerable amount of time on the headlines of your content. This is because this will be the first interaction a business has with your content and will be your bait-and-hook.

If your headline isn’t engaging and doesn’t make an impact on your reader, they’ll simply dismiss it and move onto the next. You can check out State of Writing for tips on how to create the perfect headlines.

Master the Art of Website Copywriting

Let’s say you’re a business that provides a service to other businesses, for example, a leaflet printing service. When a company types in ‘business leaflet printing’ into Google, your website may come up, leading someone to click on your page.

This means that the first point of communication you ever have with this customer is your homepage. If your homepage content isn’t perfect, that user is simply going to press the back button and move onto a competitor’s page.

You’ll also need to craft your website content in such a way, so the language, style and overall format of your content match the kind of audience that you’re trying to connect with.

Use Online Tools

One of the best ways to ensure that your business copywriting is spot on is by using online tools and resources that can help you to quickly carry out tasks to the highest quality. Here’s a selection to get you started.


One of the best tools a copywriter can have, if you’re stuck looking for another way to say a word, this tool will help you get there quickly.


Use this tool to upload your content to have it checked over by a professional writer for plagiarism, ensuring that your content is completely original. This is a must for SEO purposes.


Similar to the tool above, upload your content to have it compared with articles across the internet, allowing you to be sure you aren’t breaking any plagiarism rules.

Australian Help

If you’re looking for high-quality copywriting on demand, use this service to have a professional writer create blog posts, articles and website copy to match your specifications.

Live Keyword Analysis

This quick and really easy to use tool helps you to monitor the keyword density of your written work, perfect for ensuring its accuracy.

Big Assignments

To ensure the quality of your work, upload it here to have it edited, proofread and fine-tuned by a professional writer.

Make Your Copywriting Connectable

This is easily the most important aspect to consider. When trying to sell your products or services, one of the best ways to sell is by listing the benefits that your solutions provide. For this, you need to understand your customer’s customers.

Conduct market research to see exactly what your target market offers theirs. For example, going back to the leaflet printers, how do typical leaflet customers use leaflets?

They want a high-quality leaflet that’s easy to read, small, portable and has high-quality images. You need to use these points to market to your potential customers.




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