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5 Essential SaaS Tools For Always-On-The-Move Sales Teams

B2B sales reps may not always feel the need for the fancy new gadgets, but there’s no question that certain kinds of SaaS tools can help them become more efficient.

Imagine if there’s a big sale that just screams to be closed, for instance, but your team is still stuck on the last module of your company’s training course? That’s one of the reasons we created ProProfs Training Maker, a cloud-based tool that includes e-learning authoring features and the ability to work across nearly  any device (including Windows, Mac, Linux and Windows mobile).

If you are a B2B salesperson yourself, these SaaS tools will keep you motivated, organized, and become efficient. 

1. Pipedrive

There’s not much point in using  different sales management SaaS tools from those favored by the rest of your team, unless the software employed by your company is way too complicated for you to use. In that case, no one should stop you from using Pipedrive as your personal sales tracking app and productivity tool.

Pipedrive brings you a neat overview of your sales pipeline. Separate deals are organized according to different stages so that you can distinguish hot leads, develop individual approaches for each of them and stay on top of your progress while doing so. You can easily add new deals with a single click.

The features you’ll love the most are Timeline View, Statistics and Activity Scheduler, though Pipedrive offers seamless integrations with MailChimp, Zapier and Dropbox as well. In addition to that, you can use it to manage workflow. Pipedrive is mobile responsive and available across all devices. 

2. Prezi

What separates this cloud-based productivity app from similar SaaS tools (LibreOffice’s Impress, Keynote and PowerPoint come to mind as the best alternatives) is its unique visual rhythm.

While other presentation makers create sequences of slides or animated videos, Prezi organizes your content across a single canvas. That way, you can switch between the big picture and the details by simply zooming in and out. The result is visually engaging and dynamic.

Prezi is both seamless to master and affordable, but that’s not the only reason why a B2B salesman would be interested in using it. The tool’s collaborative functionality is another – presentations can be both sent to those who need to see them and shared among team members when they need to work on them together at the same time. It’s available in a web browser and can be accessed via an iPad.

3. DocuSign

At first glance, DocuSign seems like any other electronic signature tool. Their benefits for improving your productivity are easy to understand – instead of having to run around in order to get important documentation properly signed and approved by multiple signers, these tools let you do it all via email.

DocuSign allows you to collect signatures with ease, but it also manages documents that are waiting to be signed by you. It integrates with Salesforce, Dropbox, Box Docs, and Google Docs, so that you can attach any document that needs signing from the storage space you use. And, it gets even better.

The tool’s sending system is pretty clever. It can distribute multiple documents at once, but it can also send them one by one. When the sale needs to be approved by the company’s CEO, the document will be sent to him only after all others have been signed. You can also add notes and set reminders.

4. Zoom

Zoom is another example of the sort of convenient SaaS tools that may help your company improve its learning culture, though in a totally different way. It is designed primarily for conducting real-time online training through video conferencing. As a matter of fact, eLearning is just one of its many applications.

As a B2B salesperson, you can use it for hosting webinars, too. More importantly still, Zoom is one of the best cloud-based platforms for virtual meetings and high-quality video demonstrations. You can invite up to 100 interactive participants, record sessions, and use the app on Android, Mac, and iPhone/iPad.

Zoom’s strong suit is its dynamic screen-sharing functionality. Ideal for presentations, it can be used for both video meetings with your prospective clients, and for real-time collaboration with remote members of your team. Zoom allows you to share documents, attach files and add notes.

5. ClearSlide

Still, video conferencing is just one of many routes that B2B salesmen need to use while communicating with their customers. Long before the first online meeting and potential conversion, the sales rep has to capture and qualify new leads. Most commonly, B2B prospecting is done via email.

ClearSlide can help you with both. As a video conferencing tool (Live Pitch feature), this real-time communication software is similar to Zoom. But, as an email prospecting tool (Email Pitch feature), Zoom excels at providing deeper insight into prospective customers’ engagement and behaviour.

The tool will notify you as soon as the lead opens your email, and send you detailed analytics of exactly what the lead looked at. Because of this, ClearSlide can come in handy in more than just one stage of the sales cycle. It combines every aspect of sales communication into a single unified platform.


Fortunately for you, building a mobile B2B sales kit has never been easier. Manage your sales workflow with pipeline trackers, prepare for pitches and important meetings with presentation makers, keep your documentation in order with electronic signature collectors, stay on top of your training courses with interactive eLearning software, communicate in real-time with video conferencing hosts and nurture your leads with email prospecting systems. For each of your needs, these tools have a solution.


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