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Inside The Mind Of . . . Lena Elkins

Lena Elkins is a business and marketing coach, international speaker, and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Specializing in magnetic digital marketing, copywriting, sales funnels, and strong money mindset, Lena takes a straight-forward approach to breaking through major barriers, and reaching accelerated success for her clients. Lena has been featured in more than 100 media outlets worldwide, and regularly speaks at events internationally. Originally from San Francisco, Lena now resides in Tel Aviv.

1. Describe what you do and who your typical client is.

I’m a business and marketing coach for high-performing entrepreneurs looking to massively scale their influence, income and impact online. I specialize in digital marketing, branding, PR, copywriting, sales funnels and mindset work, and do it with a spark and passion that I pride myself on. I’m also host of the popular Facebook group, Millennial Go-Getters. I am regularly featured on podcasts such as Entrepreneur On Fire, Unconventional Life and Rich20Something.

2. What are some of the challenges or hurdles you help clients overcome?

I help my clients overcome a variety of obstacles that are holding them back from taking their business to the next level. Some of the most common struggles are getting into the 6-figure mark, or from the 6-figure to the 7, or growing their online presence and influence online. Others are writing their first book, increasing sales and traffic, positioning themselves as experts online, or developing a brand voice that will create trust in their potential customers. Essentially, if companies are already doing well, but feel that it’s a relentless uphill battle to see substantial growth, I’m the coach they turn to.

3. How do you differentiate yourself, among other business coaches?

As one of my clients famously said, “Lena is the perfect combination of no-bullshit and super sweet.” When it comes to getting results, I take a serious no-nonsense approach, leave all fluff at the door, and do anything and everything to make sure that my clients win. I push my customers to step out of their comfort zone and make big, bold decisions to help them grow. At the same time, I use a lot of humour, light-heartedness and warmth in my coaching to ensure that my clients feel comfortable, inspired, appreciated, encouraged, and confident to make major change happen.

4. Do you have an example of a time when you helped a client turnaround a failure, to a success?

I was working with a client who had almost reached the 7-figure mark in his business, so he definitely wasn’t failing. But he was drowning in his own self-doubt, self-inflicted pressure and overwhelmed, and it was burning him out.

He felt that he was doing everything that he could to move his business forward on every front, but at the end of the day, he saw little progress. He felt totally defeated.

I helped him unpackage his business and insecurities as a consultant, and restructure his business in a way that I knew would better resonate with his ideal clients, and increase his exposure and influence.

He hit the 7-figure mark in about two months through our work in gaining clarity on his brand message, implementing sales funnels that converted extremely well, getting featured in major media, and improving his online presence. It was an incredible breakthrough.

5. What would you say is your ‘wow’ factor, for clients?

Almost all of my clients have said that they chose to work with me because they felt that they could see me as their best friend: someone who truly goes to bat for them, supports them, gives them completely honest feedback and advice, and makes them feel like they can do anything.

6. Talk about your Facebook group – what it has to offer clients.

My Facebook group, Millennial Go-Getters, is filled with some of the most magical people I have ever known.

We have about 3,500 members, and use it as a platform to discuss millennial entrepreneurship, business, marketing, success, PR, and mindset work.

In the group, I have a regular series called Lena Live where I talk about tons of topics pertaining to business growth.

I also regularly interview other entrepreneurs and influencers to talk about their unique journeys. In fact, many of my clients were originally members of the group, saw one Lena Live episode, and were so inspired that they decided to start working me.

Members have also told me that they’ve met their business partners, mentors, clients, and business besties in the group. For me, MGG has evolved into the perfect blend of lead generation, community, networking, and friendship.

7. What’s the best business advice you’ve received?

Execution beats perfection. The greatest entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the world are those who make big and bold decisions fast, constantly invest in themselves as leaders, trust the process, and unapologetically share their message with the world. Those who dwell in the small setbacks, and fear taking fast action, will quickly fall behind. Real, accelerated growth comes from putting the work out there, even if it isn’t perfect.


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