CMO Sunday: Privacy

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Another week, and another hack of customer records. Seems this week it’s all about #privacy.

Bell Canada

Police are investigating yet another data breach at Bell Canada, where hackers have accessed up to 100,000 customer names and email addresses. This is the second breach in 8 months; last time hackers accessed 1.9 million customer email addresses.

Though apparently no financial information was accessed, this is a reminder to change your passwords regularly.

Protect yourself.


It’s no surprise that the same week Bell Canada is trending, so is #privacy. Speaking of passwords…Martin Hiesboeck has a fantastic suggestion on coming up with the perfect ones.


Changing passwords is especially important when most people use the same email address with their financial institutions.


Here’s the infographic from Wells Fargo. The numbers are frightening.

Humans vs #Artificial Intelligence

From hacking Bell Canada, to hacking our brains.


People have a right to a private mental life.


Cisco 2018 Data Privacy Maturity Benchmark Study

On Thursday Cisco released their Data Privacy Maturity Benchmark Study. The study shows that privacy maturity is connected to lower losses experienced from cyberevents: 74% of privacy-immature organizations experienced losses of more than $500,000 last year caused by data breaches, compared with only 39% of privacy-mature organizations.

The study surveyed nearly 3000 global security professionals in 25 countries regarding their privacy maturity and any effects of data privacy on their business. A surprising two-thirds of respondents indicated that data privacy was causing delays in their sales cycles, with an average estimated delay of 7.8 weeks.

The pending May 2018 enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new law enacted to increase protections of European Union (EU) citizens’ privacy and personal data, might also be a factor in these delays. Customers are increasingly concerned that products and services they buy provide appropriate privacy protections. GDPR’s provisions apply to any company that processes, stores, or uses this data.


Anyone else going to start living off the grid, with a foil-wrapped bowl on their heads?

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