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Bizible Discover promises to bring greater context to the way marketers measure activities and campaigns

Bizible this week said marketers will be able to track their results across several channels simultaneously and evaluate account-based marketing campaign  performance through a specific dashboard in a product it is calling Bizible Discover.

Scheduled for release early next month, Bizible Discover will add data on sales funnels, velocity and what Bizible calls the “golden path” or sequence of touchpoints — from brand discovery to sales won — that most customers take.

Like other B2B marketing tools, Bizible’s platform offered ways to filter results by marketing channel, but previously users had to do so one at a time, explained Jenn Steele, Bizible vice-president of product marketing. Bizible Discover will not only allow users to look at multiple channels but filter by subchannels as well.

“Most measurement tools exist to prove a tool’s efficacy,” she told B2B News Network, the way marketing automation applications are usually best at measuring the actions and campaigns that they execute, for example. Bizible Discover, however, means marketers “will see the actual revenue impact of all of their marketing and sales activities–and they’ll see it in context of all other activities and campaigns.”

With the rise of account-based marketing (ABM), of course, CMOs are looking for more nuances in their measurement tools than ever before. Steele said Bizible Discover is responding by giving more visibility into the sales funnel that might only have been available through customer relationship management (CRM) systems until now. The product will also include new persona-specific dashboards to tweak campaigns as needed.

“We will have a standard set beginning with CMO, content, and paid media and expanding over time,” she said.

While it was launched the same day Demandbase released its ABM Analytics tool, Steele suggested marketers as looking for tools that are both more holistic and more specific in terms of revenue impact. Some of the problems she cited included attributing all the credit for a result to paid demand when a deal might have only had a paid search touch, or doing attribution without direct connections to ad networks.

Beyond developing new products, Bizible has been forming strategic alliances to further its place within the B2B marketing space. This includes a partnership with ABM specialist Madison Logic last month as well as marketing optimization firm Sojourn Solutions. Earlier this year, Bizible also said it would begin working on a joint strategy with marketing performance measurement firm Allocadia. 

Bizible will be offering a in-person look at Bizible Discover at the Marketing Nation Summit hosted by Marketo in San Francisco at the end of the month.


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Shane Schick
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