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Demandbase lets marketers compare campaigns and other vendors with ABM Analytics

DemandBase is introducing an ABM Analytics functionality into its account-based marketing application, which the company says can allow marketers to compare how audiences react in response to different campaigns and even other martech tools.

The firm will be announcing the launch at its 5th annual ABM Innovation Summit in San Francisco Thursday along with an integration between its artificial intelligence (AI) insight tool Conversion Solution and Salesforce Pardot. ABM Analytics will use an account identification technology that Demandbase has patented to bring greater insight abot the most valuable customers and prospects as they are being nurtured through the buying cycle.

Demandbase CEO Chris Golec told B2B News Network that ABM Analytics would offer ways for marketers to test hypotheses about what’s working and what’s not with a more scientific level of rigour.

“You can diagnose the health of any audience by comparing it to an automatically-generated lookalike audience, or by building a control group of your own,” he said. “For instance, if you want to see how well your ABM campaigns are working, you can compare two audiences – one that is getting advertising and personalized experiences – and then look at the difference in pipeline, deal size and funnel velocity between the two groups.”

ABM Analytics doesn’t provide step-by-step recommendations, Golec said, but instead provides insight into what marketers’ best actions should be based on the data. One unusual area might be putting various pieces of their particular marketing “stack” to the test. A marketing team could expose different audiences to different vendors’ products and see which of them drive better progression through the funnel, according to Golec.

Demandbase is not alone in bringing additional capabilities in this area, of course. ABM Analytics competitors include Bizible as well as Engagio, which has a tool of the same name.

Golec suggested, however, that his firm’s offering is more advanced than more “basic” reporting products because it can get at areas such as  funnel assessment — in other words, classifying accounts into segments that have not made it to the next stage, and generate new actionable audiences to optimize performance. Marketers could target key decision makers with display advertising designed for ABM, for instance.

The most important business metrics for ABM are things like close rate, funnel velocity, pipeline value and opportunities,” he said.

ABM Analytics can also weave in Demandbase’s Intent technology which is designed to identify signals that suggest a B2B buyer is getting ready to make a purchasing decision.


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