June 2018: The Influencer Issue

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There’s a big difference between trying to market and sell to a manager vs. a director vs. a VP or C-level exec, not to mention the differences between large firms vs. SMBs or organizations in a specific market. No wonder the tools to target influencers are becoming more granular.
Take Infusionsoft, which recently updated its platform with features designed to make it a lot easier for its customers to select e-mail templates for particular verticals, a visual sales pipeline and on-demand coaching services.
Most sales and marketing teams are probably using more than one tool for some of these tasks, of course, which makes a recent partnership between HubSpot and Taboola interesting. It will basically mean that if you’re trying to run a Taboola campaign to use Getty images and an associated blog post, you’ll be able to it directly within HubSpot’s CRM. We’re bound to see a lot of similar integrations happening over the course of this year and beyond.
In some cases, though, an integration will be less useful than an outright acquisition to make the choice of product a little easier. I’m sure that’s what’s driving deals like the recent purchase of QuickMobile by Cvent. Both are reportedly good tools (though I’ve used neither), and it makes sense that they would work better together.
The other alternative is to keep innovating within your own portfolio, which is obviously the plan at Brightcove. The big announcement from its annual Play event was the introduction of what it’s calling “In-Page Experiences,” which will let you tailor videos to more specific (influential) people on the buying team. What better lead-in to our latest issue? Lights! Camera! Influence!
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Shane Schick
Shane Schick is the Editor-in-Chief of B2B News Network. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of Marketing magazine and has also been Vice-President, Content & Community (Editor-in-Chief), at IT World Canada, a technology columnist with the Globe and Mail and was the founding editor of ITBusiness.ca. Shane has been recognized for journalistic excellence by the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance and the Canadian Online Publishing Awards.