July 2018: The Mindfulness Issue

B2BNN July 2018 Mindfulness Issue
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Editor’s Note

Why mindfulness is critical for marketers, sales execs and other B2B professionals
You don’t have to just sit there and breath. Even using Instagram can make you more aware and present, if you use it correctly

Cover Story

How B2B firms should think through a mindfulness at work strategy
The co-founder of Mindwell-U and a longtime consultant to corporate enterprises discuss how leaders can overcome change management issues and create a place where presence can be practiced regularly


Unyte builds a B2B clientele for meditation tools that make use of VR and gaming elements
The former CDO of Rogers had a near-death experience that not only changed the way he looked at his career, but the way we work through mental challenges

Harmony@Work wants to help companies pay better attention to (and change) the way they tackle diversity, equity and inclusion
In an age of #MeToo, being mindful about the way we talk to coworkers and customers is no longer optional

Kudos uses social applications to extend mindfulness across employee peer groups
A startup CEO says the traditional performance review process is broken. How a peer recognition tool could bring sales and marketing groups closer together


It’s Summer. Stop and smell the roses . . . and the B2B success!
Our columnist looks at some of the common breakdowns in language that can create friction among team members, and suggests a few better ways to notice what they want want need 

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Shane Schick
Shane Schick is the Editor-in-Chief of B2B News Network. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of Marketing magazine and has also been Vice-President, Content & Community (Editor-in-Chief), at IT World Canada, a technology columnist with the Globe and Mail and was the founding editor of ITBusiness.ca. Shane has been recognized for journalistic excellence by the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance and the Canadian Online Publishing Awards.