B2B News Network Strengthens Leadership Team To Accelerate Growth Of A Media Brand That Empowers Corporate Buyers Across North America

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Shane Schick Adds To Editor-in-Chief Role With Expanded Responsibilities As Managing Director and Publisher

APRIL 15, 2019 — B2B News Network, the No. 1 ranked site for business-to-business news and information, is building upon its success in informing, educating and offering insight to those in marketing, sales and IT roles by expanding its relationship with its Editor-in-Chief, Shane Schick.

Schick, who joined B2B News Network in 2017 after leading editorial operations at Marketing Magazine and IT World Canada, will take on additional responsibilities as Managing Partner and Publisher for the site, which has become a daily must-read for those across the North American martech community.  Since taking on the role of Editor-in-Chief, Schick’s focused coverage of new products, market research, and profiles of key players in the martech space has led to a 56 percent increase in traffic in the past year. As Managing Partner and Publisher, Schick will help lead business development opportunities for the brand as it continues to expand into new channels while continuing to act as EIC.

“Shane has transformed the publication since he began working with us, establishing a high bar for coverage of marketing and sales trends and developments in the B2B space,” said Jen Evans, founder of B2B News Network. “Since joining the company, Shane has had a huge impact on editorial cohesion, audience, and revenue. Ten out of the twelve issue sponsorships are sold for 2019, up from four this time last year.”

B2B News Network sponsorship partners for 2019 so far include CLX Forum, PlanSurity, Sirius Decisions, the upcoming book Obviously Awesome by April Dunford, Collision, and Nexalogy.

“The power of digital technology, combined with the right approach to creativity and measurement, means there has never been a greater opportunity for B2B firms to create the kinds of emotional connections that were once seen as exclusive to consumer brands,” Schick said. “I’m excited to continue our momentum in telling the story of that evolution, and to further develop B2B News Network as the ideal content marketing partner for martech leaders who want a media brand that is ideally suited to help achieve their business objectives.”

About B2B News Network

Founded in 2014, B2B News Network is the number one destination online for B2B corporate, sales and marketing news. With over a million visits a year from an audience that is 63% executives based in the US and Canada, @B2BNewsNetwork is run by award-winning managing editor and partner, Shane Schick. See our editorial calendar at: http://b2bnn.co/2019edcal

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Adam Tanton

Adam Tanton

Adam is a partner in B2BNN with over 15 years experience in the enterprise technology field.