Unbounce puts marketers in power poses as part of pink-infused rebrand

Unbounce rebrand
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Unbounce on Tuesday will be unveiling the biggest rebrand in its 10-year history, with a focus on positioning its marketing customers as heroes to help it stand out in an increasingly crowded martech landscape.

The changes include what the company describes as a smoother, more defined and bolder logo, along with typefaces such as Barlow Semi Condensed to convey the brand’s strength and simplicity. Unbounce has also updated the tone of the blue it has used as part of its marketing colour palette in the past, while making pink its primary colour and adding green and yellow accents. 

Perhaps most significantly, however, Unbounce said its designers were inspired by sports photography that put athletes in power poses, and wants to the convey marketing performance of B2B marketers in a similar way.


Unbounce rebrand


According to Unbounce president Carter Gilchrist, the rebranding stems from the firm’s internal analysis as well as direct conversations with customers at its annual conference, now in its sixth year. With a track record that now stretches a decade, he said Unbounce has become more intentional about communicating the values that differentiate it from similar firms.

“A lot of this brand work has ben codifying and putting on paper how we represent Unbounce with our employees and team, as well as those outside our walls,” Gilchrist told B2B News Network. “We care about helping the world experience better marketing, and empowering the marketers. This was part of developing a strategy about how we’re going to be seen against that mission.”

Unbounce rebrand

Internally, Unbounce uses the acronym CARED to sum up its key values, including courage, ambition, being “real,” empathic and championing diversity. This all speaks to the more people-oriented thinking of the rebrand, which was largely done in-house, Gilchrist added.

To reinforce that point, Unbounce will be partnering with an organization called PeaceGeeks. A campaign dubbed “Make Extra Your New Normal” will encourage marketers to offer “shout-outs” about peers who inspire them on social media. Unbounce will give its employees volunteer time in return for each shout-out.

“As we’ve learned in space of AI, there is a lot of sensitivity to how this technology is applied,” said Carl Schmidt, Unbounce’s co-founder and CTO. “We’ve seen pilot projects with concepts around machine to help you write copy and assist with design. Those don’t always resonate with marketers who are very passionate about their experience and the areas where they’re adding value.” That’s why it’s important representational faces and images of marketers are pervasive across Unbounce’s own marketing, he explained.

While there weren’t any particular misconceptions about the company that needed to be cleared up through the rebranding, the hope is that more marketers will come to appreciate the full scope of Unbounce’s offering, Schmidt added.

“We put a lot of investment in thought leadership and education and content marketing,” he said “The opportunity with the branding is to solidify that not only do we do that, but that we also happen to have a product.”

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