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Perks of Including an Influencer in Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Last updated on October 9th, 2020 at 11:06 am

A social media campaign is definitely different from the everyday efforts put into strategizing on the social media space. With a campaign, you are increasingly focused on a measurable goal, and taking advantage of all platforms, you target the achievement of this goal.

Using an influencer has been repeatedly advocated for in recent times, but is it really worth the hype? In a social media marketing campaign, what difference does an influencer bring to the table?

Perks of Having an Influencer Work with you On Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Your marketing campaign would not look pushy to your potential clients

Several other advertisement/campaign strategies have the tendency to look like the brand in question is desperate for more clients, depending on how it is done. For an influencer, it is different.

First, the followers of the influencer willingly followed the influencer. They were not forced to do so. Hence, when you relay a message to them or you start up a campaign where an influencer is used, it doesn’t appear to them that you are being desperate in any way. Ads can be annoying and users would block them over and over. In fact, they may begin to see the brand as a pushy one. However, they literally adore influencers. Some would go to their favorite influencer’s page to check what’s new. Therefore, they are generally open to recommendations from influencers. They would warmly receive such recommendations.

Since this is settled, it becomes easy for influencers to work efficiently with no pressure. The use of influencer marketing software by these influencers also increases their efficiency.

Customer Acquisition Happens Faster

Whatever the campaign is about, the ultimate aim would be to get lead conversions. Since your influencer would be one that can easily reach out to your target crowd, your conversions come easier and faster. This is so since the influencer already has a reasonable level of involvement in your niche and their followers already have a great level of interest. It has been discovered by several researchers that recently, influencer marketing drives more leads and helps you in customer acquisition easier and faster than any other strategy.

Helps your SEO

SEO is definitely an added advantage for your campaigns. You need a high domain authority for you to have a good SEO. To get it high, several websites must link their content to yours as a reliable source of information; an indication that you are delivering relevant and trustworthy information. In other words, you need good backlinks from several authority websites. Imagine your influencer having high domain authority backlinks to your website. That’s essentially what you need for your SEO to be boosted.

The strategy can work for any business, irrespective of its industry or size

A great quality of influencer marketing is that no matter the size of your business or the industry to which you belong, you can employ its use. As long as there is someone who exerts influence in your industry over the set of users you are interested in, you can get started.

For small brands, you don’t necessarily have to pay the influencer in cash. Instead, you can consider offering your services to them on a steady (which is also a strategy in its own rights), you can choose to make them a brand ambassador or do something else that would be of benefit to them.

Final Thoughts

There are several other benefits of using influencer marketing in your campaign. It’s a gold mine and as you keep exploring; you are sure to discover other perks.


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