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Engagio Orchestrate will move ABM marketers from sales ‘baton pass’ to ‘soccer play,’ CEO says

Engagio has launched a tool called Engagio Orchestrate which its CEO said will allow B2B sales and marketing teams to work better together on the activities that win more deals in targeted accounts.

The San Mateo, Calif.-based firm announced Engagio Orchestrate last week, describing it as a platform that will combine traditional lead-based demand generation  and account-based marketing (ABM) capabilities. Among the key features is the ability to use data sourced from multiple systems, including CRM, marketing automation, website, third-party intent, and corporate email. Engagio Orchestrate will also allow marketers to manage advertising, marketing automation, sales engagement, direct mail, website personalization and conversational marketing in a single place.

According to Engagio CEO Jon Miller, Engagio Orchestrate was designed to address a broader shift where sales teams are doing more at the top of the funnel, while marketing is doing more at the bottom of the funnel. He said the rise of regulations such as GDPR, new sales engagement tools, larger buying committees, the rise of ABM, and the overall explosion in e-mail volumes and “digital noise” are among the causes.

“For many years, marketing’s job has ended when they passed a qualified lead to sales — what I call ‘the baton pass,’” Miller told B2B News Network. “Today, marketing must work together with sales at every stage in the account journey — what I call ‘the soccer play.’”

Engagio Orchestrate addresses this by offering an efficient way to scale the marketing side of this equation, Miller said, with content that’s meaningful based on a buyer persona and the stage in the account journey. “Orchestrate is not changing the day-to-day processes by itself, but it’s making it possible to apply the new best practices for B2B marketing in a much more efficient way,” he said.

Today, of course, some of the most common metrics B2B marketing and sales teams use include marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and win/loss ratios. Miller said those metrics are still important, but that organizations should also be paying attention to the impact of ever-longer sales cycles and conversion metrics at every funnel stage. Engagio Orchestrate’s analytics will help in this area, he added.

A lot of B2B firms already know Engagio because of its Dash product, which helps manage multi-touch attribution campaigns and better understand the impact of sales interactions on account progression. Engagio Orchestrate does not replace Dash, Miller said, but will provide a way for customers to execute those best-performing strategies efficiently and at scale.


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Shane Schick
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