Saturday, September 30, 2023

ZoomInfo CRO: How we hit more than 600 demos in one day

You might expect a company that specializes in business contact details to be pretty good at reaching prospective customers, but ZoomInfo’s chief revenue officer says it has managed to reach a new personal best as a company by booking more than 600 demos of its software in a single day.

The company, which is headquartered in Waltham, Mass. and was acquired by DiscoverOrg earlier this year, announced on Tuesday it was purchasing Seattle-area startup Komiko, which provides AI-based CRM and analytics software. Its most recent product launch, however, was FormComplete, which uses its database of more than 150 million contacts to pre-populate highly sought-after website visitor data and reduce the time manually filling out forms.

According to ZoomInfo CRO Chris Hays, the firm’s typical demo average is around 350, but given the acquisition and the additions to its lineup, the team had set a goal of 500. This was a situation, obviously, where the use of its own tools serve as a proof point for other B2B organizations.

“The collaboration between our inbound and outbound sales and marketing teams was integral,” Hays told B2B News Network. “Our marketing team also put out a webinar about generating more demos, so we had a team following up for that. We went after our closed-dead ops, we went after inbound go-backs. It was a team effort, and in total, we reached 677 demos with about 400 outbound and about 280 inbound.”

Reaching this goal was something ZoomInfo had in the works for some time, Hays said. The firm met as a management group to roll out different daily rewards for the team and then came up with a game plan of what expectations were, what incentives they were going to put in place, and had to coordinate with the marketing team to make sure that they had campaigns ready to fire on that day. ZoomInfo also built a custom demo routing solution in Salesforce using its own data. The best sales team representatives would receive the best types of demos, he explained.

“We made sure that the demos were personalized by territories and account types and matched the right sales representatives to the right demos,” he said. “If team members had any meetings on their calendars that weren’t urgent, we asked managers and directors to postpone them and push them out.”

Though future steps involve following up with the right decision-maker, Hays said the demo remains one of the most powerful ways to showcase its portfolio, particularly given the recent addition of DiscoverOrg to its solution set.

The biggest thing that resonates with them is that, within a matter of seconds, they’re not only able to find more information, but more complete information, which enables them to save a lot of time,” he said.

While more than 600 demos in a day might not be common within many organizations, Hays said it’s important to keep aiming at specific objective in order to see what’s possible.

“Like Babe Ruth, we saw the goal and hit it out of the park,” he said.


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