Monday, April 15, 2024

#CanadaStrong CEO Challenge

Social Media Posts for the #CEOchallenge

Thank you for supporting the #CanadaStrong campaign to support the families of Flight 752. If you want to challenge your CEO to give OR challenge another CEO to give, we’ve created some easy posts for you to use! Just grab one of the snippets below and post it on your social networks! (Don’t forget to fill in the correct @handle!)

1. I’m a Canadian CEO, and I’m donating $1000 to the #CanadaStrong fund for the families of Flight 752. If 150 of us give $1000 each, we’ll meet our goal. I’m challenging @handle to join me and donate today!

2. I’m challenging my CEO (@handle) to donate $1000 to #CanadaStrong – and challenge another CEO to give too!

3. I’m challenging our CEO (@handle) to match #CanadaStrong donations made at (company name) – let’s support the Flight 752 families!

Thank you for supporting the families of Flight 752!


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