Benefits of Using a Cloud Server Backup for Your Business

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Keeping critical information safe is vital, no matter the size of your managed service provider (MSP) business. If a business client loses data, the company may be more likely to shut down. That’s why cloud server backup solutions are so important for keeping information safe. Traditional methods often result in unnecessary expenses, and they aren’t very reliable.

What is Cloud Backup?

In the past, methods of having extra copies of data involved keeping it on-site. But if there’s a natural disaster or something goes wrong in your client’s building, the local backup will be destroyed with the other systems there. Putting files on a drive and moving it offsite is one answer, but that gets difficult. A cloud backup is a reliable method of keeping data safe since it won’t be destroyed in a natural disaster. With a cloud-based process as a protection solution, organizations can count on the fast recovery of their critical data. These methods combine secure cloud technologies with new advancements in cloud strategies. That frees up the IT staff to work on more critical tasks.

Avoid Complicated Manual Work

Often, copying files can be tedious and time-consuming. Protecting your client’s information isn’t always easy, especially if your IT staff is needed elsewhere. They likely don’t want to focus on reviewing logs, monitoring manual backups, and troubleshooting issues. With a set it and forget it method, these tasks are offloaded automatically. They also tend to be more effective since everything is standardized. Cloud backup solutions also offer your IT staff web-based tools so they can monitor and manage all parts of protecting servers.

Improve Your Customers’ Trust

Your clients count on you to not only get things running but to keep them going. Cloud backup solutions will fit perfectly into your services. It ensures that your customers’ data is always available. That also improves trust since your business clients know you won’t let their critical information be lost. By offering this service, you’ll increase your credibility.

Instant Data Transfers

If a client’s building were to burn down in the middle of the night, you would need to restore their data from that day. However, if you back it up every night, that day’s information would be lost in the fire, and you’d likely never be able to completely get everything again. This problem is solved because cloud solutions automatically transmit file changes to an off-site facility throughout the day. Every time there is a change, the system sends it to the server. It only takes a bit of effort to get it set up. By capturing changes in open databases and files, you can help prevent end-users from losing data when they accidentally forget to save a file.

Another benefit of this method is that it doesn’t rely on a fast internet connection. By transmitting each change immediately, the amount of information going over the internet is minimized. That can improve the company’s connection times while speeding up the backup. This solution does so without interrupting your clients’ process flow.

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