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Benevity Launches the “Dear 2020 Challenge” Aiming to Achieve 3 Million Acts of Goodness in December

Benevity and its client companies — including First Tech, Jacobs, Mortenson, Zoom Video Communications and more — aim to take back 2020 with a collaborative grassroots movement to encourage giving, volunteering and positive action

Benevity, Inc., provider of global corporate purpose software, launched the Dear 2020 Challenge today to coincide with GivingTuesday, activating more than 600 purpose-driven companies and their people to end 2020 on a positive note by reaching 3 million acts of goodness in the month of December. Benevity clients — including Blue Shield of California, Cleco, CMC Materials, First Tech, Infoblox, Jacobs, Lehigh Hanson, Mortenson, Smartsheet, Veritas, Zoom Video Communications and more — are all participating in the cross-company challenge by engaging their employees, customers and communities in a variety of ways with the goal to create a grassroots movement of goodness fueled by collective action.

The Dear 2020 Challenge inspires hope, optimism and impact at the end of a challenging year, and the message is simple:

Dear 2020,

We have a few words for you, but we won’t waste our time. We’re too busy taking action. Plus, we’ve had enough of your challenges and now we’re ready to turn the tables with our own. So this December, more than 600 powerhouse companies and 18 million purpose-fueled individuals will come together in small ways to create massive collective action — by reaching 3 million acts of goodness. We’re going to become a force to be reckoned with, and when we look back, that’s what we’ll remember. Not how you came down on us, but how we stepped up — for and with each other. Hope you’re ready for this, 2020! Because we sure are.

The Benevity Community

Acts of goodness that count towards the 3 million goal include corporate donations or grants; the creation of giving opportunities, volunteer opportunities or Mission activities for their employees; incentives and rewards like donation matching, charitable gift cards or currency for customers or employees; creating public opportunities that allow their customers and community members to support nonprofits; and more. Individual acts of goodness count towards the goal, too. For example, each time people at client companies donate to a nonprofit, sign up for a volunteer opportunity, track volunteer time, create initiatives for others to get involved, and more.

Benevity will be tracking these acts of goodness through its platform and reporting progress throughout the month of December on its “Dear 2020” website.

“This year has marked a tipping point for purpose with more companies than ever before rising above the challenges that confronted our global village,” said Sona Khosla, VP Marketing at Benevity. “The global pandemic kept us apart, but hundreds of companies and their people banded together as a powerful, collective force for good. Social injustices shook us, but we rose above it with a groundswell of support for equity unlike we’ve ever seen in our history. And politics divided us, but we found common ground in a shared commitment to purpose over partisanship. Now, we’re taking the lead. And we’re going to end the year on own terms, in a way that lifts everyone up — causes, communities, companies and people — when they need it most.”

Benevity developed the Dear 2020 challenge in response to data from its client community that highlighted the desire to join forces on a collective impact initiative, which would bring companies and their people together in an effort to drive more goodness during the most charitable time of year.

Beyond Benevity’s clients and their people, the Dear 2020 challenge is open to everyone on social media. Each time someone posts on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #Dear2020, tag @benevity, and a note about something good they did this year, Benevity will “like”, share and add it to the Dear 2020 Social Wall to help inspire even more goodness.

Final results of the Dear 2020 Challenge will be announced in January.


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