Edusity Launches Learning Management System for Enterprises

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Edusity has launched. The learning management system (LMS) is a real-time, fully-interactive virtual classroom. Functionalities include document sharing, a virtual whiteboard, forums, chat capabilities and full video support. 

“If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us,” says Mississauga-based co-founder Arvind Betala, “it is that online learning is easy to get wrong. We wanted to create a solution that supports teachers and corporate trainers in getting it right. That is exactly what Edusity has become.” 

The Learning Management System for SMEs

Webinars and real time virtual classrooms have proven to be valuable in the B2B landscape, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises with under 1000 employees. 

On-boarding, health and safety training, on-going compliance education and professional development are all business processes that require the support of an easy-to-use learning management system like Edusity. While technical and user support are seldom needed as employers set up courses and webinars, the company provide flexible and dependable support to its clients when they need it. 

“In the rush to move training online last March, a lot of companies found themselves with solutions that were either too complicated for their staff to use independently, or so simple that they did not have the functionality to share slides or hold group discussions,” Betala says. “We’ve been able to create an interface that easy-to-use while being fully customizable. It brings all of the tools instructors need together to support effective learning.” 

Grading and quizzing tools support instructors and HR professionals in determining the efficacy of the training for their student-employees. The tools also ensure government training compliance requirements are completed and documented according to each industry’s guidelines. This is especially important in highly-regulated industries like accounting, cannabis production and research, and all areas of real estate and law. 

“On-going training keeps skills sharp and minds active,” Betala says. “It’s impossible to emphasize how much those two qualities improve every aspect of workplace culture and how we all do business in the wider community. Everyone likes to know they are at the top of their game and that they are working with people who know and care about creating top quality work.” 

Remote Workplace Training Expanding 

Reskilling, capability-building and workplace safety have always been a huge part of corporate-initiated training. The new commitment to inclusivity training, including anti-racism and anti-oppression work, has brought the necessity of safe and brave virtual learning spaces to the fore. Deep and meaningful conversation has to be supported rather than delayed or avoided. The evolution of online platforms to deliver that training safely and bravely has moved from simple videos followed by quizzes to fully-interactive immersive experiences. Edusity has started booking demonstrations with corporate trainers and training managers. 

“We know that learning is a social activity,” says Betala. “Teachers and students have cooperative, mutual relationships in a learning community. We are working on solving workplace problems together, we are creating our culture and environment together. Learning with a platform like Edusity brings us together even when we are physically apart.” 

To support the social and shared solutions model, Edusity was created as a real time platform with forums students can re-visit and recording options so sessions can be reviewed at any time. The platform also allows training supervisors and company representatives to observe progress in real time at any time. 

“The challenges of the pandemic and remote work have demanded a lot from all of us to overcome,” says Betala. “Edusity is one of the tools that is making life and learning easier.”  

To book a demo of Edusity’s LMS for your organization, click here

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