5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Business Website

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You’ve built yourself a website for your business – but how do you get customers to visit your website? Below are five different ways to promote your website and build traffic. 


Search engines such as Google and Bing are one of the biggest sources of website traffic for businesses. However, in order for people to find you on these search engines, your website needs to rank highly (ideally on the first page). 

SEO (search engine optimization) is a way of boosting your rankings so that searchers have more of a chance of stumbling across your website. It involves using various tactics such as improving your site’s loading speed, adding hyperlinks and including certain keywords. Most businesses pay an SEO company to handle this for them as it can be quite complex. Take your time comparing SEO companies to find the most reputable and affordable one for you.

Social media marketing

Social media can also be a great tool for driving traffic to your website. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the biggest examples.

You can share links to products and services on your social media feeds in the form of Facebook posts, Tweets and Instagram posts. These can be shared solely among your followers – or you can pay to promote them so that your posts reach potential new customers. By using the right keywords, by using high quality visuals and by posting at the right time, you can maximize your leads. 

PPC ads

These are your traditional internet adverts found all across the internet. They could include text ads, image ads and video ads. 

PPC stands for ‘Pay Per Click’ – you pay your ad to display until a certain number of people have clicked on it. On top of being a great way of building traffic to your website, it can also be a great way of building brand awareness. There are companies that can help you design adverts and plan successful campaigns. 

QR codes

QR codes (Quick Response Codes) are coded images that are typically printed on flyers, posters, business cards and other forms of paper marketing. Consumers are able to scan the code with their phone camera, which then brings up a link to a specific website.

These can be great ways of attracting more visitors to your business website instead of having to solely print your website address. There are online tools that you can use to make a QR code. This could be something to consider when investing in print marketing. 

Email marketing

You can also drive traffic to your site using emails. This involves adding hyperlinks to emails that recipients can then click on.

Email marketing could involve ‘cold emailing’ strangers or sending emails to subscribers within a mailing list. The former is a great way of attracting new visitors and new customers, while the latter is better for attracting return customers. There are lots of rules to email marketing that you should look into before starting an email marketing campaign.


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