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6 Ways Businesses Can Use A Portable Battery Station

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Energy makes the world go round. It is common knowledge that without electrical power, many of our daily functions would cease to exist. Forever tethered to the nearest outlet, there are a variety of reasons for high energy consumption. From powering our smartphones to keeping our lights on and our food and drink at the correct temperature- electricity is a crucial commodity. That is why being adequately prepared if electrical power isn’t as easy to come by is foresight at its finest. Using something like a portable battery station can help in so many scenarios, it’s well worth the investment. Looking for an example of where and when to use a station? Look no further. Here are 6 fun and necessary ways you can use a portable battery station.

  • Corporate Event Tunes

Having an outdoor soiree and in need of a power source? Don’t let your party guests go without their favourite tunes. A power station can easily accommodate multiple speakers and music players, so there’s no need to keep the event indoors. Don’t limit yourself to where you can find outlets, let the party dictate where the power goes!

  • Corporate Getaways

One of the most annoying things about camping is not having a place to charge your phone, camera packs, or other electronic devices. It’s hard to be one with nature when all you’re thinking about is how long it’s going to take to drive to the nearest outlet. Portable chargers are clumsy and only work for one specific device. With portable power stations, you can recharge multiple devices at once without worrying about damaging or losing small electronic accessories. Plus, a power station can provide enough charge for even the longest of trips. For more handy portable gadgets to keep your getaways smooth, check out Camping Expert

  • High Device User Zones

If you have a large family, or perhaps just a lot of roommates, you will be all too familiar with the pain of not having enough available outlets. Similarly, you will know the anguish of blowing a fuse in your house. To avoid this entirely, it might be worth it to invest in a portable battery station. Religate roommate squabbles to dirty dishes and whose turn it is to buy toilet paper, and use a portable station to supply you with the extra power you need.

  • Indoor Generator

The first thing that comes to mind when many think of portable power, is the image of a generator. However, unlike most traditional gas-powered generators, portable stations are the only generators that are safe for use indoors. Make sure to look at a portable power stations guide or two to make sure you have the correct size and style for the capacity of your house and the number of appliances you have. In the event of a big storm or power outage, owning a portable station will save you hundreds of dollars in food waste, and can work to keep you warm in freezing temperatures. 

  • Mobile Office Setup

Looking to deviate from a boring workday? Whether for fun or out of necessity, creating a mobile office setup is not something that is achievable without a reliable source of power. Thankfully, portable power stations can save the day. Easily transport your source to wherever business needs to be conducted, and do your thing. Plug your laptops, tablets, phones, and whatever else you need into this convenient power source and never miss so much as an email!

  • Power a Vehicle

The worst sound you can hear is the sound of a car sputtering in an unsuccessful attempt at starting. We’ve all done it, unwittingly left the radio or headlights of our car running for a night. If you are in need of a fully charged car battery, portable power is your friend. By keeping a portable battery station stowed safely in your trunk you can save a lot of time and potential aggravation. Get to where you need to go with all the power you need- portably. 


Don’t get caught without power when you don’t have to be. There are many ways that portable battery stations can be implemented into your life for everyday use. Even if used more sparingly, power stations can be lifesavers in the event of an emergency or an unfamiliar setting. Be it for a fun event or a not so fun contingency plan, portable power stations are incredibly useful tools to have handy. Plus, they’re compact. Don’t be the person regretting not getting something when you need it most- pick up a portable battery station and be prepared for any eventuality.


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