Getting Involved With Chemicals – A Surging Industry

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The chemical industry is not one with which many people are acquainted, yet it plays an incredibly important part in the day-to-day operation of the USA. 2021 will be a year in which performance within the industry surges, with industry experts C&EN predicting a huge reverse of 2020’s 10.8% shrinkage over the year. Playing a crucial role in the B2B industry, chemicals are a middleman for lots of crucial engineering, from smart devices to construction. For graduates, and would-be entrepreneurs, there are clear incentives to getting in to the industry.

Qualifications and training

There are plenty of opportunities for chemistry-based training in the USA, with chemical engineering often most sought after in graduate posts (and in new business). Studying chemical engineering in America is also a great option, with several of the USA’s institutions among the absolute best in the world. Furthermore, there are great pay-offs to be had; according to CNBC, several of the best chemical engineering schools in the USA reward students with a healthy income vs tuition balance after graduation. Right now, graduates are unlikely to be short of work, either, and this trend is likely to continue over the next four years.

Out with oil, in with smart energy

Bloomberg has reported that 2020 saw the loss of 107,000 jobs in the oil and gas industry as a result of a downturn in business. However, many of these jobs are being snapped up in renewable energy and in the smart plastics industry. Both are demanding huge amounts of chemical material to fuel new home building; new homes in the southern USA are increasingly being focused around their potential for solar power, and plastics are increasingly being constructed from renewable chemicals, often via recycling. Chemical engineers, then, have a crucial role to play in creating the new wave of affordable and renewable materials that will be sold on to businesses for their public-facing construction efforts. Furthermore, large-scale chemical production will continue to find a home in the USA, and not abroad.

China policy

According to CNBC, the Biden administration will take a hard line against China in its efforts to control their influence across the world. This has resulted in Bloomberg predicting that several job sectors, chemical engineering included, will see growth in the USA as the country seeks to ward off the influence of Chinese manufacturing capacity against itself. This is encouraging, both for independents working within business, and for business owners. There is a clear line set down by the US government to promote their home-grown businesses, and reason to have faith in the sector for at least the next four years in terms of growing and evolving a business.

All of this points towards chemical engineering having a key role to play in the US recovery. Don’t think about the likes of oil and gas; think about how innovation and brilliant minds can create the volumes, and quality, of chemicals to promote growth in the USA.

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