The Business of Over-the-Counter HGH: Not a Substitute for Prescription

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People who have deficiencies in human growth hormone, known as HGH, need to take prescription-quality hormones to maintain energy and general fitness. According to, getting a prescription is medically necessary for injectable HGH, and off-label use is both illegal and ineffective for bulking up and turbocharging athletic performance.


Details of Legitimate HGH Therapy


Growth hormone is a substance produced by the body to stimulate growth. The level of production falls off as people age. However, some people are born without the ability to produce enough of the hormone. HGH production can also be damaged by autoimmune diseases and chemotherapy.


According to, HGH was first obtained from cadavers, but contamination resulted in the development of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Eventually, scientists produced biochemical HGH from advanced techniques using recombinant DNA. The information about the best HGH includes valid medical uses for treating HGH deficiency, Prader-Willi syndrome, chronic renal insufficiency, cachexia, intrauterine growth retardation, and Turner’s Syndrome. HGH has been available by prescription since 1985.


Legitimate uses for medical treatments are still being developed. There is a buzz in the medical and scientific communities that using HGH therapy might treat conditions of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity, and battered-wife syndrome. The FDA hasn’t approved HGH yet for treating these conditions, but clinical testing continues.


Selling recombinant growth hormone without a prescription is illegal by Section 303F of the U.S. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Possession and intent to distribute the drug for other than legitimate medical purposes can result in fines or imprisonment.


Expanding Market for Legal HGH


Homeopathic supplement products containing diluted forms of growth hormone are legal to sell, and consumers can find hundreds of formulations that include oral capsules and pills. These are promoted to increase the body’s natural production of growth hormone. Topical creams are legal and sold as anti-aging cosmetics.


Homeopathic OTC products must be labeled as homeopathic and be known as safe and effective. The products must be prepared under the regulations of the General Pharmacy. The sellers must submit documentation in an approved format that lists any known side effects or toxicity.


Scams and Illegal Sales


Some supplement manufacturers obtain prescription HGH to inject into other formulations, which is highly dangerous and illegal. According to, advanced manufacturing techniques have opened the floodgates for synthetic HGH derivatives that are legal but not really effective.


Growth hormone triggers growth throughout life, and researchers have zeroed-in on growth hormone as a panacea for bodybuilding, athletic performance, anti-aging treatments, and increasing energy and vitality. Genuine HGH, however, prevents decreases in muscle and bone mass decreases body fat, and treats some of the symptoms of HIV/AIDS. It doesn’t help you bulk up, reverse the aging process or win an Olympic medal.


Even if it did, taking HGH without a medical prescription is prohibited by law, most sports organizations and the Olympic committee. Taking legal HGH can trigger interactions with other medications, and most of the positive effects of treatment are caused by an increased commitment to physical activity and the placebo effect. Showing skepticism is healthy. There’s simply no evidence that healthy young adults benefit from HGH or gain incredible strength. Experts warn against using HGH to fight aging or treat age-related disorders.


No Substitute for Prescription HGH


Prescription HGH is injected, and injecting a substance without training is risky. If you require HGH for your health, your physician will provide instructions for taking the hormone without compromising your health. Some homeopathic formulas provide limited benefits, but there’s no substitute for the prescription medication.

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