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4 Tips For Using Plants To Improve Your Office Space

The way that you design your office space is so important because it has a knock-on effect on your employees. You need to think about ways to improve your office space to boost employee wellbeing and one of the simplest ways to do that is to add some plants. 

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Studies show that being around plants and nature reduces stress and increases focus. They also improve the air quality, so they have a positive effect on your employee’s physical and mental health. Not to mention that they brighten the place up and make your office look a lot more inviting. Using plants in the right way could completely transform your office, but if you’re not a keen gardener, you might not have a clue where to start. These simple tips for using plants to improve your office space will help you. 

Consider Using A Plant Service 

If you are terrible at keeping plants alive and you don’t know the first thing about choosing the right varieties, you should consider using a plant service. When you use an office plant service, they handle everything for you. They start by assessing your office to see what they think would work and what the light conditions are like etc. They will then choose some suitable plants and create an amazing design throughout the office. They’ll even care for the plants for you, so you get all of the benefits without any of the work.


This is a great option for business owners that don’t want to deal with plants themselves. However, if you do want to handle things on your own, here are some simple tips to help you. 

Pick Low Maintenance Varieties

Finding low maintenance plants for the office is essential. You don’t want to spend a lot of time watering and pruning plants when you should be doing something else, like running your business and managing your team, for example. Succulents and cacti are perfect for office spaces because they only need watering every week or two, so you won’t spend too much time looking after them. They’re also very resilient so if you forget to water them for a while, they should be quite easy to bring back to life. 

Consider The Flow Of Light 

When you are placing your plants, consider the flow of light through the office. This can be quite tough if you have cubicles in the office because they tend to block a lot of light. Find the brightest areas in the office and use these as the focal points of your plant arrangements. If you do want to brighten up cubicles or other dark areas around the office, you should look for some plant varieties that don’t require much light

Get Everybody To Pitch In 

If one person is caring for all of the plants, it quickly becomes a chore. Usually, they will fall behind and the plants will die. Dead plants don’t make a nice, welcoming office space, so you should get everybody to pitch in and look after them. It’s a good opportunity for team bonding too, so encourage everybody to look after the plants in their area of the office. 


Follow these tips and you will turn your office into a relaxing, creative natural space in no time. 



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