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Should Sales Managers Invest in Sales Enablement Technology?


Sales enablement is no longer a preserve of large enterprises but a competitive differentiator in the face of stiff competition. Every sales leader must help their sales reps to leverage data assets to achieve their quota. This includes investing in the right sales enablement technology that will help your teams to gather, sort and analyze important data to help them make informed decisions, drive sales and grow your revenue.

This platform is important in giving your business the best value as it makes it possible for reps to improve their performance and sell effectively. Sales reps can use this platform to better engage and communicate with prospects at each stage of the customer journey.

There are 4 reasons why every sales manager should consider investing in sales enablement technology. They include the following:


  • Improved effectiveness


Your sales reps need to employ effective strategies to be able to sell. The effectiveness of your team will be demonstrated by their ability to bring in revenue during the hours they are actively engaged in selling. By analyzing the effectiveness of your team members, you can tell apart top performers from average performers.

With the sales enablement technology, you can optimize several tools to produce more top performers from your team as you can define and build processes that can be replicated thus improving your entire team’s performance.  You need to help your sales reps to understand the barrier to success first to improve their effectiveness. Although the inability to articulate value is often a leading reason for sellers not achieving their quota, sales enablement programs tackle this by helping reps get the unique value proposition right each time.


  • Enhanced productivity


One of the common challenges that every sales manager faces is attaining sales productivity. Sales reps can only sell for so many hours on any given day. Sales enablement helps them to make the most of the selling time by attaining tremendous outcomes. Picture this; sales reps spend 30% of their time on research, by looking through multiple repositories. This is besides the time spent preparing for a meeting or logging notes.

This shows you how much valuable time is lost on any day without attaining the results you desire. Sales enablement technology helps you to eliminate such time-consuming tasks as finding content or locating quick answers to questions while boosting the productivity of your reps. These platforms allow you to consolidate important information in one location for ease of access by your sales reps.


  • Better sales and marketing alignment


The collaboration between marketing and sales teams through the likes of a CRM can result in a dramatic improvement in sales and revenue. Yet, you may be faced with a situation where the two teams are pointing fingers claiming that the marketing team is giving unqualified leads while the marketing team accuse reps of poor follow up on the leads.

Sales enablement helps to bridge the gap between marketing and sales by closing the feedback loop between these departments while amplifying visibility into the use of content and unifying their goals. The result is more productivity as both teams can focus better on what they do.


  • Sales training and onboarding


The cost of bringing a new sales rep on board is often costly. Yet, it takes time before you can expect them to start achieving their quota. Designing an onboarding and sales training program that is relevant is the key to help new hires begin to sell fast. When you don’t have a proper onboarding plan, valuable information will easily be siloed across different departments. Moreover, it is unlikely that sales reps with in-depth knowledge may never get to share with the rest of the team.

Sales enablement platforms help to cut down the time it takes to ramp up new sales reps to attain full productivity. This is far much better than investing in a single program because sales enablement software encompasses various programs and tools while emphasizing the sales playbook. Thus, they can promise the sales process and make big wins.

Although you can expect all these benefits from using sales enablement technology, you must keep in mind that the results don’t happen overnight. You must clearly define your ‘why’ and ‘how’ to achieve your goal of empowering your reps and maximizing their ability to attain their quota. Defining your goals and the benefits you are seeking to tap from this platform will help you fine-tune processes and attain your goals faster.




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