B2B News for Wednesday, 3 March, 2021: the Thrill of Embargoed News, New CFOs & Disclosure Rules with Morals

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Once you’ve seen an embargoed press release, there is no coming back from the power of knowing something first. It’s usually not hot gossip, or even a hot stock tip. It’s mostly a piece of research or an announcement so complex that journalists have to line up their experts to comment days in advance of writing and publication.

Still, compared to the secrets revealed in an embargoed news release, all the other new news seems just so obvious. Like, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority rules that came into effect in 2016. The rules required broker-dealers to disclose their markups when they buy corporate bonds and then sell them on to retail investors the same day. Well, the fees for those transactions dropped when broker-traders were forced to disclose them.

Quelle surpise!

Press release: https://www.newswise.com/articles/disclosure-rules-led-to-drop-in-bond-trading-markups

Supremex CFO, Guy Prenevost gave the envelope and office paper products company more than two-weeks’ notice of his departure from the company and they let the world know tout suite. It would certainly be nice, and profitable for some, to send him a card to wish him well working on his new opportunities. He hasn’t told me what those new opportunities might be, but I am sure his PR person knows my in-box is always open.

Press release: https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/supremex-announces-departure-of-cfo-892354727.html

We do know that Prenevost is not heading over to the Waterloo-based B2B technology company Kognitiv. That’s because the collaborative commerce app has appointed Julia Wehmeyer as its CFO, the company announced on Tuesday. Rumour has it she actually started the gig on Monday, making us among the last to know.

Press release: https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/kognitiv-corporation-announces-julia-wehmeyer-as-chief-financial-officer-897167411.html

There is more exciting news coming up on Friday. I can’t tell you what it is yet. It’s embargoed.

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Kate Baggott

Kate Baggott

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