How To Improve Your Team Ethos When Working From Home

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Working through the coronavirus pandemic has created some positives such as the possibility to have an improved work life balance. However, it has also created a physical divide that has impacted on areas such as a team’s bond. This lack of contact has caused some of your colleagues to struggle more.

Here are ways you can help rebuild those team relationships. As you already know, having a good team will help motivate, encourage and energize you throughout the day. 

Offer Good Leadership

You have to lead by example. Your team looks to you to set an example and to lead. It is easy for behaviours and attitudes to trickle down throughout an organization. So to establish a good teamwork attitude you need to lead by example and build that up with the individuals you manage, along with providing guidance and the tools to be nurtured and to grow between the different team members. 

Communication Is Key

Great teams have great communication. It is so important that you create the atmosphere where your team members communicate often and have the confidence to share their ideas, brainstorm, work together, seek feedback and can bounce and build ideas up together. 

To nurture your team and build up communication skills you need to set boundaries such as how to and how often to communicate. As much as communication is about talking and sharing, it is just as much about listening. Being quiet and allowing this is key and teaches your team that you are interested in their thoughts and ideas. 

Team Building

Along with making changes within how the team functions within their daily roles, it can also be work investing in dedicated time to get them to work together. Of course, when working remotely, this can cause challenges, you may want to consider online team building games, along with including video chats. 

Make Time For Your Team Building

You can’t expect your team to build a strong bond just whilst working. They still need to have time to focus on completing their expected activities. So carve out time when they have catch up together and have a less formal opportunity to build and establish their relationships. This could be by grabbing a quick 10 minutes break together with a coffee and a treat. Try and keep some of these less formal, it really will help let your team members be themselves more, build a strong bond with one and other and find their individual confidences to interact as part of this group dynamic. 

Embrace That Everyone Is Different

The key to a great team is embracing the differences of each individual. It is these unique differences that will provide you with different perspectives and ideas. To keep your team feeling positive you need to listen, hear their ideas and discuss. Not all ideas will be accepted, which is fine, however it is important that you don’t dismiss any of your colleagues as this would reverse the bond and make them feel less valued and appreciated. 

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