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An Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Dropshipping Suppliers


For customers, it is essential to differentiate between genuine and fake wholesale suppliers. By gaining comprehensive knowledge, buyers can get a fair and square deal as they purchase their products. In the current age of the Internet, people look for everything online. As is the case with people in other countries, Americans also look for credible information about genuine US dropshipping suppliers.


Whenever the thought of dropshipping suppliers comes to buyers’ minds, the majority of them wonder how to locate them. Generally, marketing methods connect suppliers with buyers. But the majority of ads on the Internet are from the middlemen. Despite their claims of being genuine dropshipping suppliers in ads, the fact remains that they aren’t authentic.


So, how can you locate the best dropshipping supplier to ensure that you buy your product from a genuine supplier and not a middleman? The information below will help you do it with ease.


5 Ways To Find The Right Dropshipping Suppliers

There are many ways in which you can identify genuine dropshipping businesses. While there is a long list of such practices, the top five methods will efficiently accomplish the task.



  • Get In Touch With Manufacturer


Contacting the manufacturer directly is your best bet to find genuine wholesalers nearby your area. Generally, manufacturers maintain a list of wholesalers along with their contact information. You can request a manufacturer to share the list of wholesalers. You can then contact them separately and discuss ways to set up an account with them. Before making the final call about setting up an account with a wholesaler, do not forget to confirm if it dropships.



  • Leverage Google


Google is arguably the giant among search engines. So, as a seller, you are more likely to use it to locate the top dropshipping suppliers. However, you need to bear a few things in mind to reap the benefits of using the Google search engine. These include the following:

  • Make your search as extensive as possible: Unlike most people believe, genuine dropshipping suppliers do not appear on top of the rankings in search engine result pages. Therefore, you need to make your search as extensive as you can. Instead of the front pages, you will have better chances of locating a genuine supplier for a product wholesaler if you go to the back pages.
  • Appearances can be deceptive, so refrain from making the final call based on the website’s appearance: While not all wholesalers with visually pleasing websites are fake, most of them may not be genuine. Unfortunately, the majority of those that are genuine do not show keenness in building stunning websites. So, don’t jump to a conclusion by merely looking at the website. 
  • Include keyword modifiers while looking for your necessary information: Almost eight out of 10 dropshipping wholesalers do not run SEO campaigns. Therefore, you may need to add modifiers to search queries to get desirable results. 



  • Attend Trade Shows


Apart from enhancing your email CRM and social media strategies, it would be best to network in practical situations. Attending trade shows is one of the best ways to achieve this objective. Whether you wish to do your product research or know about authentic drop shipping manufacturers, attending trade shows is a great way to accomplish both tasks.


That said, not everyone finds it to be a feasible option. So, make sure it is a viable option for you before you decide to opt for it.



  • Surf Through Directories


The subscription to a premium supplier directory comes at a cost, but it pays dividends for the amount of money you spend on it. Because you are charged a fee to access wholesalers’ data in such directories, and the data concerning them are screened, you can rest assured that the information on it will be authentic. The more you surf through such directories, the better.


The Internet is replete with such directories. Run a search as per your requirements to get the best result.



  • Use Dropshipping Platforms Like HyperSKU


While the Internet is your best friend to look for information about authentic dropshipping suppliers, there are also numerous platforms on which you can bank for credible information. HyperSKU is one such platform. You can use it to locate authentic dropshipping suppliers in or nearby your locality.


Stay Away from These Suppliers

Certain traits draw a line of distinction between actual and non-genuine dropshipping suppliers if you observe carefully. These include those:


  • Who Demand Ongoing Fees: Be wary if a dropshipping supplier charges a monthly fee for accepting the orders. Such suppliers are not legitimate.
  • Who Sell to The Public: To order products from a dropshipping supplier, you need a wholesale account. If a supplier offers you products without a wholesale account or the verification that your business is legal, it is likely a retailer. Authentic suppliers do not sell products to the public directly.
  • Who Want Pre-order Fees: Some dropship suppliers charge a pre-order fee, but some do not charge it. Try looking for the latter category of suppliers to save money.


Wrapping Up

There are many dropshipping myths plus grey areas due to which locating the best dropshipping supplier may not be easy. However, with proper research and implementation of the above steps, you can find such a supplier. 


Patience is the key to dropshipping, so be patient and try the above steps and see how they work for you.



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