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Blockchain In Healthcare Today: 3 Examples

Last updated on June 20th, 2023 at 09:52 am

Both private and public healthcare organizations are always under immense pressure. With the involvement of new technologies in the market, it has become difficult to reduce costs while maintaining efficiency. Apart from that, things like data security challenges, extensive law regulations, etc., are also a cause of concern. In that way, blockchain technology in healthcare is a promising way to deal with things. This article stresses on some examples to understand its influence in healthcare.

A brief introduction: Blockchain In Healthcare Today

A single solution can be used for all, including lenders, patients, insurance companies, hospitals, etc. Also, the applications are easy to develop and extend and can stimulate further improvements. In a report, the World Health Organization has revealed that it suspects more than 10% of the medicines are counterfeit across the world. One more report states EU industry faces a 16.5 billion euro loss in sales of counterfeit drugs. It shows the importance of blockchain technology in the sector.

Safeguarding data sharing

The efficient flow of data is essential for healthcare providers and patients. By using smart technology, patients can share the details collected with doctors remotely. It maintains convenient and quick communication and is precious data. While sharing, you must ensure that it is protected and must not get in the hands of hackers. By incorporating blockchain technology in the healthcare industry, you can ensure that. A company offering security to this field is:

1.  Burstiq: The industry deals with Big Data, Software, and Cybersecurity. It helps healthcare companies to manage a huge amount of data securely and safely. Blockchain and healthcare technology have enabled sharing of data, safekeeping, etc., without deviating from the strict HIPAA rules.

Streamlining medical records

It becomes difficult to streamline medical records because of the massive amount of data. After that, miscommunication is another reason making things worse, overcoming blockchain in healthcare today. It can record all the data along with the details of doctors, drugs provided, etc. All these will help in offering quick medication and faster diagnosis. Here is a company embracing the concept of the new technology is:

2.  Patientory: The organization deals with Cybersecurity, Blockchain, IT, and Healthcare. The end-to-end encryption will make sure the data of patients are shared efficiently and safely. It allows healthcare providers, patients, and other associated members to store, access, and transfer data through blockchain. The industry helps the healthcare sector to move faster by keeping the details of all patients under one roof.

Drug traceability system

Many people do not check if the drug they intake is coming from a legitimate supplier. Has it been tempered anywhere in between before reaching you, etc.? The medical blockchain technology will help in providing updated information on the medicines. A ledger is created for a drug that will have all the details through the shipping process. In a way, you will have the data before it reaches you. A company using the technology to rethink is:

3.  Chronicled: The industry deals with Supply Chain Management and Blockchain, demonstrating chain-of-custody. It helps pharma companies to ensure the drugs are received on time and efficiently. Law enforcement is also enforced to review if any suspicious activity is carried out. A ledger system maintains the privacy, safety, and efficiency of the medical supply chain.

In the end

Blockchain technology and healthcare come with multi-signatures and cryptography. It safeguards your sensitive information so attackers can never steal virtually. Also, the crucial information can never be modified without the consent of the owner. Soon, you can expect some more news of emerging solutions, innovations related to blockchain in healthcare. Incorporating blockchain in healthcare today can have many advantages, which the sector will experience over time.


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