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How You Can Upgrade Your Car

Sometimes you are not able to afford a brand new car but you want some more performance out of your car. Upgrading your car is your best option and is a great way to get more out of the car and better specs at a fraction of the price for a new car. When upgrading your car it can vary from small changes to big ones from the coil over shocks to the whole engine, there is lots you can do to get your car upgraded and performing much better.

If you are looking to get more out of your car and get it upgraded but you are unsure where to start or what you could do then these few tips should help you gain an understanding of what you can do and where to get started.

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Change the tyres

One of the most popular choices when it comes to upgrading your car is to change out the tyres. If you choose some better quality tyres it will help the overall performance of the car better as you may have the power and acceleration there but without the grip from the tyres you will be struggling to transfer that to the road. While also upgrading the tyres it is best to think about all weather performance, if you tend to drive in poor conditions then look at getting all weather tyres so you get the performance you want all year round.      

Upgrade the brakes

One of the most important things you can upgrade is going to be the brakes. If you are upgrading all other performance aspects of your car and you do not upgrade the brakes with them then it could end in disaster. If you increase the top speed of your car then the faster it is going the better the discs and pads have to be under braking, if your brakes cannot cope with the upgrades you make then you can end up having an accident that may not work. If you are planning on racing your car then upgrading the brakes can then give you a performance increase by allowing you to brake later into corners giving you an edge on the competition. 

Get a cold air intake fitted

Your car needs to breathe and take in oxygen to perform well, with the better the car can breathe the better it is going to run. By installing a cold air intake it will free up the air flow going into your engine and also feeds the engine with cooler and more condensed air. With this change you will be able to increase horsepower and increase fuel efficiency.

Use silicone hoses instead of rubber

When upgrading your engine or maybe adding in a supercharger you need to think about upgrading the hosing too. Most cars will come with rubber hosing which is not as heat resistant as the upgraded silicon hosing, this means if you don’t upgrade the hosing with your new upgrades then they are going wear quicker and are more likely to fail as they cannot keep up with the heat.

Modify your exhaust systems

If you are looking to boost the power in your car then installing a new stainless steel exhaust when you have an older car will help you see a big difference as older exhausts can get clogged up over a long time and make your cars performance slowly deteriorate. 

Get better spark plugs

With standard spark plugs or older spark plugs they can have trouble firing properly, this will then have a bad impact on your speed and the reliability of the car, so upgrading them will make sure that the impact on performance will be less. With upgraded spark plugs you will see less misfiring, which will help to reduce the emissions that your car is using which in turn then increases your fuel efficiency.

Install a turbocharger

If you add in a turbocharger it will allow your car to burn more fuel every second, this then allows your turbocharged car to increase its power. Not only will you be increasing your horsepower significantly but you will also be increasing your fuel economy and this can be by upwards of 40%. 

If you are getting bored of your current vehicle and want an upgrade without having to splash out on a new car then this guide should help to give you an idea of what you can do to upgrade your current vehicle to increase its overall performance.




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