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B2B News for September 1, 2021: Hawke Media Expansion, Pricing Strategy and New Cloud Service Levels

Hawke Media is flying into the Canadian market. The news comes with the acquisition of digital marketing agency, Seriously Creative. Hawke Media plans to collaborate with Seriously Creative to optimize clients’ customer base and overall customer experience.

“We have been interested in finding an agency to partner with in Canada for some time, and Seriously Creative proved to be a terrific fit,” says Hawke Media’s Head of Corporate Development, Josh Springer.

The two marketing agencies had collaborated on past projects and developed a strong, complementary relationship prior to the acquisition.

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Marketers and sales strategists often make the mistake of thinking they can switch from B2B to B2C and back again with no issues. That may be true for a few individuals, but mere mortals must beware of changing and evolving strategies. Remember that tactic of pricing goods at $19.99 instead of $20.00?


Apparently, it is no longer a surefire strategy.


What is termed “just below pricing” discourages customers from buying premium upgrades because it makes the product enhancement appear even more expensive says new research from the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University.


“Going from $19.99 to $25 may seem like it will cost more than going from $20 to $26, even though it is actually less,” said lead researcher Junha Kim. “Crossing that round number threshold makes a big difference for consumers.”

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Aptum, a global hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider, has introduced new tiers for its Managed Azure Cloud services.


Aptum’s Managed Azure Cloud now includes three tiers. All three tiers give customers access to Aptum tools, programs and resources for their cloud transformation, including Aptum’s Cost Insights Dashboard, 24×7 support and advisory services.

“Every customer cloud journey is unique and impacted by a number of factors including size, cloud maturity and business objectives,” said Marvin Sharp, Vice President, Product and Strategy, Aptum. “Aptum Managed Azure Cloud is designed to be a flexible partnership and our enhanced tiers reflect that. Three distinct tiers with additional add-on services allow customers to decide how much they want to engage our Azure experts as their cloud transformation progresses.”

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Aptum’s service expansion comes on the heels of an announcement from Grand View research that predicts the cloud computing industry will be worth $1,251.09 billion US by 2028 and register a CAGR of 19.1% over the forecast period.

Press release:–cagr-19-1-grand-view-research-inc-301366888.html


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