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6 Digital Marketing Trends to Optimise in the Post Pandemic Era

Entrepreneurs and marketing strategists are still in the process of picking up the pieces brought about by the disruption of the COVD-19 pandemic. Indeed, it has changed the landscape of business and how we conduct trading. Yet, with resilience comes the challenge of flexibility among new business platforms, regulatory guidelines, and technological developments. Digital marketing strategies should be able to cope with the times. 

With 2022 fast approaching, annual financial planning must integrate marketing programs that can digitally captivate consumer interest while optimizing the potential of technological innovations.

Ultimately, the goal is to bounce back, increase revenue retention while harnessing developments on search engine optimization (SEO), web design and development, social media, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), to name a few. For a successful 2022, here are six digital marketing trends to positively impact business performance in the post-pandemic era.

  1. Content marketing

First and foremost, the goal is to stand out. Therefore, efforts should be funnelled to win key results for public relations (PR), brand awareness, and SEO. These key points must be aligned to gain maximum visibility, credibility, and authority. This program will work by creating quality content for your website.  Then, integrate the PR element by having influencers quote and mention your content. The final step is to link the credible content strategically through SEO tactics. In this way, your website will have excellent search engine result page (SERP) rankings. SEO is frequently overlooked by many traditional web designers, according to Oxford-based web design and SEO agency XIST2. Therefore, it is crucial in 2022 to partner and collaborates with digital marketing agencies that can facilitate content management, great SEO tactics, and excellent web design and development skills to boot.

  1. Artificial intelligence

In recent years, the rise of AI in e-commerce and digital marketing has grown exponentially. In addition, the retail, food and hospitality, banking, and healthcare industries are becoming AI-reliant with their marketing campaigns. AI-driven tactics are often seen in automation in data gathering and analysis. In this way, extensive customer data and marketing research are analyzed quickly, yielding pricing, promotions, and product line recommendations. AI has capabilities to automate basic tasks like reporting on website traffic and keyword optimization to improve SERP. Ultimately, AI-driven tools apply automation to marketing research and SEO. Similarly, AI applications can also predict consumer buying behaviour based on past purchases and browsing history. For 2022, it is best to harness AI capabilities in combination with SEO and marketing research data. 

  1. AI-driven influencer marketing tactics

Influencer marketing is valued at billions of dollars. As a result, marketing strategists and entrepreneurs allocate a chunk of their budget for content creators with a massive and extensive following. AI machine learning capabilities can efficiently scan and assess influencer videos and rank them in order of efficacy to the target market. This way, entrepreneurs have the data to determine and pay for the content that will work for their brand. With AI, the system is so intelligent that influencer marketing fund only goes to content that elicits a purchase and conversion. 

  1. Virtual assistants and AI chatbots

Virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa are AI-powered technologies that are gaining traction. These AI tools utilize natural language processing (NLP) that is behind voice research shopping. As a result, voice research shopping is set to grow in billions of dollars in revenue by 2022. With this, enterprises must integrate this tool into their e-commerce platform and harness its potential. 

Typically, AI chatbots are the most commonly used virtual assistant who can carry out basic customer service and efficiently handle customer inquiries through social media, email, and other apps.

  1. Mobile marketing

Most users and online shoppers spend more than half of their day on their phones. With the pandemic, consequently, mobile activity has increased. As more people use smartphones and tablets instead of desktops, creating a mobile-friendly platform and content is wise. In doing so, it can increase your brand’s SERP. In addition, an optimized website design with seamless mobile navigation and top-notch UX and UI can improve the website’s SEO.

  1. Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR)

Now that people are comfortable with physical gatherings, your brand must integrate hybrid events into your 2022 marketing calendar. For sure, some people would still opt to stay at home rather than at a physical location. With this, implement events that can be carried out live with a robust digital component and technologies like VR and AR to create a simulated experience. For example, sponsored concerts can simultaneously be onsite and likewise streamed on a platform with VR technology. 

Key highlights

To date, marketers and entrepreneurs are still scrambling to achieve a semblance of normalcy in business, trading, and e-commerce. However, marketing programs must be aggressive digitally for maximum reach and optimized potential due to recovery efforts from the pandemic. In addition, measures must also be dynamic, flexible, and agile in gathering data, analysis, and strategies.



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