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Investment-Related Jobs with Money-Making Potential

Are you ready to take on a full-time or part-time job that deals exclusively with investing? Whether you choose to start out with just a few hours per week and eventually build it into a career is up to you. Some people enjoy investment-related work so much that they turn a two evening per week job into a permanent position. For those who want to dive right into the field of investments, day trading offers a short learning curve and a high-profit potential. 

Likewise, working as a residential property flipper, a precious metals scalper, or a corporation report writer, are all ways to get into the niche and make an honest living no matter how good or bad the economy is. Here’s more about these investment-related jobs that have attractive money-making potential for industrious individuals who enjoy a challenge and like the idea of home-based financial independence.

House Flipping

If you enjoy investing in real estate firsthand, house flipping could be the ideal job. Even in turbulent economic times, real estate flippers can make a handsome profit on each property they buy, fix up, and resell. Through the process of buying and selling house, you will also have the opportunity to network with other industry experts like contractors, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, etc. This is good because networking is so important in any career but when you start one that involves a lot of moving parts it helps to know the right people.

Expect relatively larger upfront expenses than for online or other small businesses. However, flipping can be highly profitable for people who enjoy putting sweat equity into projects and taking the time to identify good candidates for purchasing. In most places, you’ll also need to obtain a real estate license to open a house-flipping business.

Day Trading

Day trading is not a new profession. However, in today’s financial and online environment, it’s easier than ever to start your own day trading business. Aside from minor startup expenses like a larger monitor or an upgraded computer, your single biggest investment will be the capital in your trading account. After that, the learning curve is relatively short, but it’s wise to check out a comprehensive online guide written exclusively for beginners. Some people lose money when they attempt to jump into day trading too quickly. But, for those who are patient and willing to devote the time to hone their skills, there is a real potential to make profits in a short period and turn the activity into a full-time job.

Precious Metals’ Scalping

Precious metals prices often move quickly, especially in sagging economies. Scalpers are similar too day traders in that their time frames are less than one market session long. However, there are two major differences. Metal scalpers tend to only keep trades open for a few minutes, and they often make very large individual purchases in order to earn profits on tiny price moves. A third difference is that most metals scalpers only buy and sell one thing, which is gold.

Writing In-Depth Corporate Reports

It was true 100 years ago and it’s true today. There’s good money to be made by writing in-depth, objective reports on individual companies. The first few sales can take a few months, but after you establish yourself as a person with a keen, fair eye for evaluating the financial health of companies, you can make a good living selling analysis reports on exchange-listed corporations.


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