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B2B News for Friday, October 15, 2021: Groove On, Pro-Core Puns & Awards, Waze Gets Coaching, Content Marketing Research

Last updated on October 26th, 2021 at 07:40 am

Groove, a sales engagement platform for Salesforce users, has raised a $45 million Series B round of funding. The company will use the funding to expand its international operations and accelerate its momentum in the enterprise segment of the market. 

“Our enterprise customers want to enable the modern seller while ensuring the highest levels of enterprise security and compliance,” said Chris Rothstein, co-founder, and CEO of Groove. “We’re capturing a significant amount of enterprise market share from our competition because our platform was built for the needs of large, complex organizations that rely on Salesforce as their system of record. We bring automation to the seller instead of requiring that they work out of a separate system. This flexibility ensures extremely high user adoption rates, even with technology averse sellers in non-tech industries.”

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It’s impossible to resist a great pun. In a victory for creative writers hiding out in PR and ad agencies, Procore has embraced the power of the clever and named its construction industry awards “The Groundbreakers.”

According to the software company, The Groundbreaker Awards are given to the individuals, projects, and companies that impact and drive progress in the construction industry. 

“Behind every successful project, there are great people. The Groundbreaker Awards celebrate how our customers embody the highest standards of our industry on a daily basis,” said Tooey Courtemanche, Procore founder and CEO. “Congratulations to all of the winners of the Groundbreaker Awards.” 

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For many workers, the commute is over. Working from home has improved productivity and been a win-win. The average remote worker has won the right to invest hours more in actually working instead of driving to work. Companies have been able to anticipate reducing their real estate footprints while passing on the electric, internet and coffee costs onto their employees.

There does not appear to be a reduction in traffic during rush hour, at least to those stuck in it. The morning commute really does have a negative impact on the driver’s physical and mental health.

Waze has partnered with Headspace to address the negative health impact of driving to work. The satellite navigation provider worked with the health and wellness coaching company to create the Headspace Experience on Waze and launched it on World Mental Health Day.

The mode offers drivers a selection of 5 moods: Aware, Bright, Hopeful, Joyful, and Open. They can also change the in-app car icon for a hot air balloon. The experience was designed to help drivers learn how to find more joy and meaning on the road. The custom navigation prompts come from Heaspace’s mindfulness teacher and Director of Meditation, Eve Lewis Prieto.

“Driving is actually a great example of being mindful, it requires us to actively engage our senses, to focus on the road in-front of us and to be aware of our surroundings,” said Prieto. “It requires a wakeful attention, if we start to lose focus or become distracted it can end up being very dangerous. Our minds are conditioned to think, so this is not about being focused 100% of the time, but it is about noticing when we are distracted and gently guiding it back to what we are doing.”

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Companies are getting a better grasp of what content marketing can and should do for its customers. That’s according to the Content Marketing Institute that released its new research report on the state of the sector this week.

Among the findings is the new emphasis on empathy in content marketing. Highlights from the findings include these new realities from the experience of the global pandemic:

  • “It re-emphasized the need for authentic relationships, and to not take anyone for granted.”
  • “Many of our potential customers had a very rough year, while our revenue actually went up. We had to practice a lot of compassion and restraint.”
  • “We became a more customer-sensitive organization. I constantly push for fewer words about who we are and what we do in favor of more words about client challenges and triumphs.”
  • “More empathy and less hard sell. We don’t want to kick people when they’re down. If your only objective is to force someone down your journey or path, you should find another job. Give more and take less.”

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