B2B News for Thursday, October 7, 2021: The Ethics of Working with Facebook, Cisco AppDynamics Leadership, Remote Work and an Island Paradise

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Do you want your social media spend to fund societal break-down? Advertisers should be re-thinking how they work with Facebook and other social media channels, says marketing expert Michael Wall. As testimony from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen about how Facebook has jeopardized public safety continues, calls to regulate the social media network are ringing more loudly.

Is Haugen’s testimony forcing corporations to rethink their relationship with Facebook and use of consumer data?

“Most advertisers who invest in Facebook or other social media platforms are aware of the ways in which these technologies collect and use customer data to improve the ROI of advertising dollars. In fact, these capabilities are positioned as a selling point,” said Michael Wall, professor of marketing practice and co-director of the Center for Analytics and Business Insights at Olin Business School. “That said, other aspects of how Facebook and others drive great returns for their advertisers have been hidden within their algorithms. The whistleblower has changed that. Advertisers are now aware, and they will now be faced with decisions related to both the ethical use of data and being values-based.” 

According to Wall, business leaders should be thinking hard about how their firms will use customer data responsibly.

Press release: https://www.newswise.com/politics/facebook-controversy-raises-ethical-questions-for-corporations/

Cisco AppDynamics has appointed Eric Schou as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Schou joins the company from Splunk where he was Head of Security Marketing. His more than 20 years of experience includes time at Palo Alto Networks, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE), Good Technology (now BlackBerry Ltd.), McAfee and Symantec. In his new role, Schou is responsible for driving awareness and demand for AppDynamics’ industry-leading Business Observability platform amongst enterprise IT decision makers and channel partners.

83% of technologists feel that their job has become more complex over the last year, with three-quarters struggling to manage overwhelming ‘data noise,’” said Linda Tong, General Manager, AppDynamics. “There is a clear need for full-stack observability with business context to help solve some of the biggest challenges which enterprise IT teams are facing right now. Eric has experience delivering enterprise technology marketing programs at the highest level and is expertly placed to ensure AppDynamics capitalizes on this market opportunity.”

Further Information: https://www.appdynamics.com/blog/

Just invest in live-work space conversion shower kits is my advice. While building materials shortages, foreign investment, money laundering and landlord preference for AirBnB guests over long term tenants continue to cause crisis after crisis in residential housing, the commercial real estate market looks to be headed for a glut. The number of companies announcing that they are going remote, or embracing a hybrid model, to reduce their real estate footprint are being tallied up.

According to estimates from Global Workplace Analytics, 25-30 percent of the US workforce will be working from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021.

Consulting firm PwC announced last week that all of its 40,000 US client services employees will be able to work virtually and live anywhere. Similar announcements from Google, Microsoft, Capital One, Zillow, Slack, PayPal, and Salesforce have already been made.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is seeking to attract some of those workers to homes on the island. The country’s Work in Nature (WIN) visa was launched, allowing tourists to relocate to Dominica for up to 18 months to work remotely. Applicants must earn $50,000 or more over the next 12 months, or have a means of supporting their families. Applications are generally responded to within seven days.

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/more-companies-embrace-remote-working-practices-indefinitely-opening-global-domicile-options-for-employees-301393570.html

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