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6 Useful Microsoft Hacks You Didn’t Know About

Last updated on February 25th, 2022 at 03:49 pm

Mail is a significant part of everyone’s life. Microsoft’s office platform is a great way to streamline your digital life and make mail a lot more manageable. Today our emails are a way for, not only our friends and family, but for the entire world to contact us. Whether it is a college you are applying to or just a random company that wants to sell you their products and services, chances are they are going to get in touch with you through email. While it is important, it’s also important to know how you can sync your emails and combine various aspects of your digital life together to create a more orderly workflow from all that chaos. There are a ton of services that we deal with on a daily basis and most users don’t realize that there are a few very simple tricks that can optimize all these services at once. Rather than wasting computing power and memory on all these avenues, you can make your life a whole lot easier with these tips.

1.  Rules

One of the easiest ways to personalize your Microsoft email experience is to set up some basic rules to manage communication. While you do have a spam folder and this software does a good job of filtering out messages on its own, you can fine-tune this further by setting some rules. Start by creating a new folder, then go to your inbox and select an email that should be in that folder; right-click on that email then drag it to its relevant file. Do this for a few different emails, and you’ll find that the system put in place will learn what kind of emails should be in which folder.

2.  Use Extra Services

The great thing about Microsoft is that it is a huge ecosystem of services that all integrate with each other quite seamlessly. If you are a heavy user of any of their services, you can easily jump onto a new service and it will automatically integrate within your current workflow. For instance, you can easily send an email from Outlook to Onenote for the rest of the team to look at, and vice versa. Outlook doesn’t give your team access, but Onenote does, and being able to sync these services means you can customize any settings on both platforms. You can also sync with Teams and various other services; be sure to look into using different services to upgrade your workflow.

3.  Customization

Microsoft services tend to be very open-ended as they offer a lot of room for personalization. This is more than just the look and feel of the services. In fact, you can do quite a lot with Outlook to change how it behaves with your workload. For instance, if you are using the “rules” option, you can further tweak these rules to better suit your needs. You can set up all kinds of filters, layouts, and make the necessary security changes to suit your needs.

4.  Automate

If you use the Microsoft email platform for work or business, chances are that you have quite a few things that you do on a frequent basis. This can include filtering messages or sending routine emails like monthly orders to suppliers. One great time-saving trick is to automate certain processes. If you’re using excel, make sure to keep organization and efficiency a priority by using excel automation support services which will, in turn, help you in improving your effectiveness in the long run. This way you can spend more time doing things that actually need a present mind. For instance, schedule draft emails that need to be sent out throughout the week, or month, and then automate the sending process so it happens automatically in the background.

5.  Teams

Team collaboration software is great for communication, but some of them can be a hassle when it comes to the actual work. Microsoft Teams solves this problem because it is a Microsoft-based platform that is part of their software ecosystem. This means you can share or even edit files and documents right through Teams itself; you don’t have to navigate to a different file or window.Multiple users can view and edit a file simultaneously as well.

6.  Shortcuts

Shortcuts are especially useful if you spend a lot of time with services such as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. Especially when you have a lot of material that needs to be processed, using shortcuts can save a lot of time and improve your workflow. There are many lists of shortcuts that you can find online for the specific platforms you use as well as several tips and tricks to help improve your user experience. 

Microsoft offers a plethora of digital products, whether you work in data science or video production, you will find something catering to your needs. What is more important than the platform that you use though is its accessibility and the competency with which you can use it. By taking advantage of these different hacks and many others,  easily found online, you can completely change the way you use these services. Moreover, you will uncover a lot of features that you didn’t know existed and this will improve your familiarity with that platform.


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