B2B News for Tuesday, November 16, 2021: Motor City Renaissance, Gamification on a Diet, International Payments Get Easier

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Is the Motor City renaissance on its way? Detroit is the WirelessCar has announced the opening of the company’s new U.S. office in Detroit, Michigan. The move will better serve its top OEM customers in the U.S. and to expand strategic partnerships and focus on strategic talent acquisition and recruitment with immediate employment opportunities.

WirelessCar has worked with both some of the largest traditional and disruptive automakers to leverage the connected car data for digital services and revenue. The company is widely recognized for its proven expertise handling car data and operations for more than 8 million connected cars worldwide in over 85 countries.

“Today’s announcement further demonstrates our commitment to our customers,” said Martin Rosell, WirelessCar Chief Executive Officer. “Expanding our presence in Detroit supports our business growth strategy and helps us to establish a larger footprint in the U.S. to further grow and develop strategic relationships within the automotive industry.”

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/wirelesscar-establishes-new-us-headquarters-in-detroit-to-support-us-automakers-digital-vehicle-transformation-301425262.html

Has your office gamified its virtual meetings yet? Perhaps you had a Halloween costume or background theme contest? It’s the little things that help with the boredom of this stage of the pandemic. Can gamification still help us when everyone has realized that vaccines work, if everyone who can get them gets them, and diets don’t?

One company wants to change that fact with a little a late stage capitalism coupled with gamification. It’s an interesting case study as businesses do everything they can to keep their benefit-worthy employees healthy.

As our American neighbors head into their holiday season a few weeks earlier than the rest of the world, HealthyWage has launched its “Holiday Stay Strong Challenge.”  The challenge is meant to help Americans make healthy eating and lifestyle choices from American Thanksgiving to the New Year.

At the heart of HealthyWage’s challenge is ‘money motivation.’ Even if participants seek to maintain their current weight, rather than lose, they are eligible for payments. The wellness gamification company has paid people $6 million in 2021 and $55 million since its inception for losing weight. It’s prized for this challenge are worth over.

More info: https://www.healthywage.com/info/about-us/

It’s very unusual for this column to lead with two headlines from American-based companies, which is reflective of global business activity. The focus on the global marketplace is typical, even for small scale service providers and the news reflects that too.

Paddle, a Revenue Delivery Platform for B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, has announced the integration of Alipay, Google Pay and iDeal as accepted payment methods. The company is also launching fully localized checkout and transaction emails. The goal is to make it easier for their customers to sell their products around the world.

“Tapping into new geographic markets is a major driver of growth for many software businesses, but international sales are often constrained by the challenges of adapting payment and checkout services to local currency and language requirements,” the company’s press release reads. “Failing to offer international customers a localized payment experience creates friction in the customer journey, which means poorer conversion rates and lost revenue.”

China, India and the slowly re-opening economies in Libya and the Sudan are just some of the markets SaaS companies are exploring.

“We now offer Alipay alongside credit card and PayPal for one-time purchases in China.” said Clara Cordes, Product Owner at Kaleido. “Since then, not only did we see a doubling of one-time sales in China, but we also saw a significant shift in buyer behavior, with over 90% of customers opting to pay via Alipay, when the split had previously been 40% credit card and 60% PayPal. Alipay has led to increased one-time sales for us and an improved purchase experience for customers in one of our key markets.”

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/paddle-integrates-alipay-google-pay-and-ideal-empowering-software-businesses-to-sell-and-grow-globally-301424305.htm

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