B2B News for Tuesday, November 2, 2021: European News Special

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Tired of not travelling? Let’s take a remote look at what’s happening elsewhere. There is a lot of activity over the ocean. Companies based in Paris, London, Geneva and Copenhagen all feature in today’s early-morning B2B news.

KINOPS, a Paris-based supplier of telecommunications solutions for telecom operators and enterprises, has acquired the start-up SixSq, a SaaS provider for Edge Computing.

Geneva-based SixSq has developed a solution that enables smart data processing directly on the company’s site.

The acquisition shows Ekinops’ strategy to provide greater added value to its customers. 

“After enriching OneOS6 middleware with SD-WAN and SBC solutions, it is now possible to extend it to all types of applications through the integration of NuvlaBox into OneOS6 and access to the Nuvla.io marketplace. The possibilities are infinite!” said Didier Brédy, CEO of Ekinops. “We are looking forward to presenting this opportunity to our telecom operator customers. It is a new way for them to monetize their presence at enterprise branch sites through our OneOS6 routers.”

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ekinops-acquires-sixsq-and-steps-up-its-presence-in-edge-computing-301413739.html

In London, Cendyn is merging with Pegasus. Cendyn, a provider of cloud-based software and eCommerce services for the hospitality industry, has made a merger agreement with Pegasus, a provider of revenue and distribution solutions for the same industry. The merger provides hoteliers with direct-booking channel.

Cendyn has a Customer Data Platform, Starling, and Pegasus’s a CRS, that provides hoteliers access to a system of record for profiles and rates for every guest. 

“We’re incredibly excited about this combination with Pegasus. As our industry recovers from the pandemic, the merging of these companies brings scale and stability to our customers, offering hoteliers a vertically integrated technology platform that enables them to deliver on a broad range of hospitality needs,” said Tim Sullivan, CEO & President at Cendyn. “A seamless integration between these solutions solidifies our commitment to personalizing and optimizing the guest journey as well as empowering hoteliers to maximize their direct booking channel.”

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cendyn-and-pegasus-to-merge-301413794.html

Judith Persson has been appointed Vice President of European Operations and Business Development at MyChargeBack. The dispute resolution firm resolves complex card-not-present transaction disputes. Persson joins MyChargeBack from Nets, a top payment provider in Europe with more than 250 bank partners, where she was a senior vice president.

“Judith boasts an impressive background in chargebacks, dispute resolution, risk management, and fraud prevention,” noted Michael B. Cohen, Vice President of Global Operations for MyChargeBack. “We have strategic objectives for both credit card issuers and cardholders in Europe and are confident in Judith’s ability to achieve those goals,” Cohen explained. “Judith’s experience will be invaluable as MyChargeBack expands its footprint beyond the Nordic market into the rest of Europe.”

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/veteran-nets-and-danske-bank-exec-appointed-mychargeback-vp-of-european-operations-and-business-development-832658307.html

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