B2B News for Tuesday, November 30, 2021: Make Investment Decisions According to Your Circadian Rhythm, Dreary Business Outlook, Clean Tech Startup Conference

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The press releases for mergers and acquisitions today are all about regulatory investigations. The same company is investigating all of them. The tech news is all about lab grown diamond innovations, implantable drug delivery mechanisms, and so many new crypto currencies that they are all boring.

Just in case you were wondering, having the patience to successfully sort out the boring opportunities from the boring liabilities in investments, is not a personality trait! It’s about making decisions at the right time of day according to your circadian rhythm.

A new study in the Journal of Business Venturing, found that people make their better investment decisions when considering time-basted factors. It seems that combining the time of day with whether you’re a morning or evening person can influence your evaluation processes when making  investment decisions.

“What we found was when individuals evaluated an investment opportunity at a time that conflicted with their body’s natural internal clock — for example, a morning person or lark making a decision late in the day or evening — they tended to make poor choices,” said Cristiano Guarana, assistant professor of management and entrepreneurship at the IU Kelley School of Business and co-author of the study. “This tension may not be recognized by those making the investment decision and over time could result in substantial losses for people who, on average, possess much less investment knowledge than angel investors and venture capitalists.”

Press release: https://www.newswise.com/articles/dreaming-of-being-an-investment-shark-better-figure-out-if-you-re-a-night-owl-or-morning-person

StatsCan released The Canadian Survey on Business Conditions on Friday and commentary and analysis started pouring in over the weekend. The outlook, even as people spend in celebration of re-opening, is not all rosy.

Businesses expect to face a variety of obstacles over the next three months related to the rising cost of inputs; uncertainty in consumer demand; hiring and recruitment as well as those related to supply chains,” the StatsCan report on the survey said. “The majority of businesses that are facing challenges acquiring inputs, products and supplies, either domestically or abroad, expect these challenges to persist for six or more months.”

In its response to the survey results, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce released a statement from its chief economist.

“Today’s survey shows that a robust recovery remains elusive for many businesses as a combination of rising input costs, a severe talent crunch, and supply chain disruptions are hampering their ability to bounce back from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The long, slow road to a private-sector led recovery continues after nearly two years of challenges,” said Chief Economist Stephen Tapp. “Rising input costs remain the number one concern for Canadian businesses, with 43% identifying them as the biggest near-term obstacle. At the same time, the vast majority of businesses (87%) don’t expect their profitability to improve in the next 6 months, with one third expecting their profitability to fall into the New Year. These results suggest a significant part of private sector businesses will be standing still or even sliding backwards in the months ahead.”

Press release: https://chamber.ca/news/new-data-shows-economic-spark-of-reopening-extinguished-by-rising-costs-talent-shortage-and-debt-load-canadian-chamber-of-commerce/

On the optimistic front, Canada’s clean tech startups are getting together today to launch MaRS Climate Impact 2021. The event brings together representatives from 30 Canadian companies.

“MaRS Climate Impact will focus on commercializing and scaling ventures that will help Canada achieve our net-zero emission ambitions while building economic success in the multi-trillion dollar climate innovation economy,” says Yung Wu, CEO of MaRS. “This event builds on our track record of thought leadership in social finance and the game changing solutions from our ecosystem of climate innovators. We look forward to bringing the community together for an impactful conversation and as a catalyst to drive world-leading innovation.”

The conference will close on December 2.

Press release: https://www.marsdd.com/media-centre/mars-announces-climate-impact-2021/

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