B2B News for Wednesday, November 10, 2021: Marketers Need Goals & Objectives, Miraki Acquires Octobat, Knak Gets Funding

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Communications is everything. One misspoken word, whether from the top, middle or bottom ranks, and an entire business plan can be derailed. Not that it is easy to get it right all the time.

According to the results of Plannuh’s Operational Marketing Index (OMI) survey, only 18% of marketers say they excel at building a marketing plan that is both based on a set of measurable goals and that aligns with company objectives.

Among other findings from the sample of 544 marketers:

  • Only 56% of marketers create comprehensive campaigns designed to achieve the company’s business goals.
  • 31% of respondents allocate 60% or more of their budgets to campaigns that support their goals. That means over two-thirds of marketers are spending a significant percentage of their budget on non-strategic initiatives.

“We continue to be alarmed that so few marketing teams focus on strategic alignment of their plans,” said Peter Mahoney, founder and chief executive officer of Plannuh. “The latest results from the Operational Marketing Index survey revealed that less than one in five marketers report that their companies excel at connecting their plans to corporate objectives, which explains why so many marketing teams struggle to show the value of their marketing investments.”

Plannuh is a marketing planning and budgeting software that works with clients through a SaaS model.

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/plannuhs-operational-marketing-index-reveals-marketers-are-not-focused-on-company-goals-301419617.html

Online marketplace software company Mirakl has acquired Octobat. The French startup specializes in invoice compliance for enterprises. It is Miraki’s first acquisition. The acquisition will make it easier for Mirakl’s marketplace operators to navigate both global and domestic legal and compliance requirements

Online marketplace operators and sellers have long found it challenging to understand and comply with international tax regulations while adhering to region-specific invoicing content and formatting rules, and managing the storage and filing of invoices and the transition to e-invoicing.

“For the first acquisition in Mirakl’s history, we looked for an opportunity that would keep us ahead of customer needs,” said Philippe Corrot, co-founder and CEO of Mirakl. “With Octobat, we saw we could simplify and automate complex invoicing for marketplace operators across the globe, enabling them to scale faster than ever. Mirakl already leads the market in advanced payments and financial flows, and this acquisition extends the capabilities of our open, flexible marketplace platform even further.”

Press release: https://www.mirakl.com/mirakl-acquires-invoice-compliance-startup-octobat/

Knak, a codeless campaign creation platform operating on the SaaS model announced its first funding round, led by Insight Partners this morning. The Canadian startup enables marketers working remotely to create branded emails and landing pages independently.

The deal sees the close of a USD 25 million Series A round led by New York-based global private equity and venture capital firm Insight Partners. The startup will use the funding to accelerate its growth by adding to its team, establishing a channel program, expanding its platform, and increasing industry awareness.

“Our digital campaign demands continue to grow, but finding the team, time, and budget to manage coding headaches felt like a difficult task before we found Knak,” noted Elizabeth Dobbs, senior director of marketing at Databricks. “Trying to ensure everything worked seamlessly with our marketing automation platform and rendered flawlessly across all screens was slow and costly. We can get new campaigns up and running in hours instead of days or weeks while ensuring brand consistency across our global, decentralized teams.”

Press release: https://knak.com/blog/unsubscribed-blog/series-a-funding-from-insight-partners-launches-growth-phase-for-knak/

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