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B2B News for Tuesday, December 21, 2021: How to Ask for Favors, eVTOL Sector Awakens, Sustainable Packaging

Account-Based Marketing programs are represented at the board table. According to new research from The Marketing Practice, ABM marketers claim they “need that seat at the table to push ABM across the organization.” 

The research was delivered in partnership with FINITE, the B2B tech marketing community.

The report found that 79% of B2B executives who have ABM represented at board or senior leadership level believe“leadership has an ear to ground realities”, and “top level sponsorship is crucial to success. Otherwise everyone is too busy with their day jobs.”

 “Short term, doing that job alongside your ‘day’ job might make sense, but in my experience, if you’re going to do ABM properly in the long term, you’ll need to line up the right, dedicated resource,” said Robert Norum, an ABM consultant and trainer.

Full report: 

Recyclable and sustainable innovations in packaging were recognized at this year’s WorldStar Global Packaging Awards.

Highlights included:

  • BelleHarvest apple cartons that are 100% recyclable and produced from sustainable, renewable paperboard.
  • Boardio (with Club Coffee, Loblaws) recyclable paper-based can for coffee that is delivered flat to point-of-filling.
  • Boardio (with Perfetti Van Melle, Mentos Pure Fresh Gum) recyclable paperboard bottle for confectionery.
  • Estrella Damm rounded corner beverage pack, engineered for sustainability, scalability and recyclability.
  • PaperSeal high performance barrier-lined paperboard alternative to MAP, VSP and top-seal plastic trays for the food industry.

Press release:

With so much pressure taken off commuting over the past two years, things have been relatively quiet in the emerging air taxi or Urban Air Mobility (UAM) sector. That quiet ended with the announcement that Eve Holding, will be listed on the NYSE under the new ticker symbol EVEX and EVEXW. Embraer Aircraft Holding will remain a majority stockholder with an approximately 82% equity stake.

“We believe that the urban air mobility market has enormous potential to expand in the coming years based on an efficient, zero-emissions transport proposition, and that with this business combination, Eve is very well positioned to become one of the major players in this segment,” said Francisco Gomes Neto, president and CEO of Embraer. “As a global aerospace company, with leadership position in multiple segments, we understand that innovation and technology play a strategic role in driving sustainable growth and redefining the future of aviation.”

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One advantage to being in-office, instead of working remotely, has been identified. If you need help at work, you are more likely to get a “yes” if you ask in person. A video meeting or phone call share in second place while it’s best not to ask in an easy-ignore email or text message. These finding are detailed in the paper “Should I Ask Over Zoom, Phone or In-Person? Communication Channel and Predicted vs. Actual Compliance,” published in Social Psychological and Personality Science

The researchers tracked 490 people and 1,490 respondents to their requests for help with proofreading a half-page of text.

Why are people more likely to respond positively to requests for favors in person?

“We tend to think people will weigh the costs and benefits and make a measured decision about whether to agree to something, saying ‘yes’ only if they really want to,” said study co-author Vanessa Bohns. “But in fact, people agree to all sorts of things, even things they’d rather not do, because they feel bad saying ‘no’ in the moment.” 

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