Organizations will be better prepared to fight cyber crime in 2022: Trend Micro

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Today, Trend Micro released its cybersecurity predictions for 2022 which predicts that organizations will be better prepared to handle cyber risks as they build out and implement proactive security strategies. 

Predictions include :

  • threat actors will focus ransomware attacks on cloud and datacentre workloads and exposed services. Servers will become the main ransomware playground, as employees increasingly use a hybrid work model.
  • Information in IoT devices will become a hot commodity, spurring enterprises on to mind security gaps that might lead to data leakage or tampering.
  • Enterprises and SMBs will need to beware: While all eyes are on ransomware, traditional commodity attacks and attacks-as-a-service will have time to innovate more sophisticated tools.

·       As enterprises focus on making their supply chains more robust via diversification and regionalization, cyber criminals will use a four-fold extortion model.

While Trend Micro’s report highlights the predicted trends organizations must watch out for, it also enlists key steps for businesses to undertake to ensure they remain safe in 2022 and beyond. Read the full report for more.

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