B2B News for Tuesday, February 8, 2022: The Safer Internet Day Edition

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Happy Safer Internet Day! The observance of SID is not just for the PTA anymore. There are plenty of businesses warning each other about online security.  Lookout, a security and identity protection product, is celebrating by reminding us about the Identity Theft Resource Center’s 2021 Annual Data Breach Report. As reported earlier, there were a record number of security events in 2021.

Also, the company cautions that you should make sure your passwords are not on the list below:

Top 10 Passwords Found On Dark Web











The spirit of the day goes beyond easy-to-share top ten lists of bad passwords.

“In 2021, we saw a shift in the identity crime space,” said Eva Velasquez, President and CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center. “Too many people found themselves in between criminals and organizations that hold consumer information. We may look back at 2021 as the year when we moved from the era of identity theft to identity fraud. The number of breaches in 2021 was alarming. Many of the cyberattacks committed were highly sophisticated and complex, requiring aggressive defenses to prevent them. If those defenses failed, too often we saw an inadequate level of transparency for consumers to protect themselves from identity fraud.”

Full report: https://www.idtheftcenter.org/post/identity-theft-resource-center-2021-annual-data-breach-report-sets-new-record-for-number-of-compromises/

While changing your password is certainly advisable, especially in the dark web examples above, there are other strategies. The most important one? Zero Trust. The information security model is based on not trusting anyone or any action by default and demanding verification with every procedure or transaction. According to a recent survey of cyber security leaders, implementing Zero Trust is an effective way to reduce cyber risk. The survey was conducted from was conducted by Optiv in collaboration with Palo Alto Networks and Information Security Media Group (ISMG). 

“The need for and importance of implementing a Zero Trust strategy remains top of mind for cybersecurity leaders,” said Jerry Chapman, engineering fellow at Optiv and co-author of the book “Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide.” “Optiv’s adaptive, holistic approach provides clients with integrated real-time solutions that provide the type of cyber resiliency needed to identify, manage and respond to today’s internal and external threats.”

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cybersecurity-leaders-cite-zero-trust-among-most-effective-security-practices-301477722.html

DeepSurface, an automated risk analysis and prioritization company, has raised $4.5 million US in a seed funding round. The platform that collects all necessary context from an organization’s network, analyzes all vulnerabilities for exploitability using that context, and then prioritizes all vulnerabilities by risk to the organization.

“We are very excited to announce that we’ve raised $4.5 million in seed funding,” said James Dirksen, co-founder and chief executive officer at DeepSurface. “We’ve grown over 300 percent in revenue this year and plan to do the same in 2022. We’ve begun working with large enterprise customers and have over a dozen companies in proof of value evaluations currently. The DeepSurface team is doing an amazing job supporting our early customers; lowering their cost of vulnerability management through automation while rapidly reducing their organizational risk in a measurable way.”

Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/deepsurface-security-secures-4-5m-to-ignite-business-expansion-301477010.html

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